Music Review // Chris Cadaret "How I Miss You"


"How I Miss You" is a song that can be about different things at different times.   The overall acoustic sound to it reminds me of The Wallflowers, but there are other sort of rock sounds within here as well.   As the title suggests, the tone of this song is sad, which definitely influences the music in the sense that it's not upbeat or a fast tempo.

The funny thing about missing people is that you don't really miss them until they're gone and then it's usually too late.   Missing someone also seems to be something that once you do it, you don't stop doing it.   You just end up missing more people over time, it never diminishes in any way.   Life is tough like that, but at least now we have this song to discuss further how we can miss those who come into and leave our lives.

At first, partly because this music video shows scenes from a parent and child, I thought about this song being about the relationship between a parent and child with the child growing up and moving out of the house.   It's that empty nest syndrome that parents tend to get because you spend so much time with your kids but then they go off and create their own lives and even if you see them every week it's still not the same.

Then this song took a turn to where I thought it was missing an ex-lover, a romantic sense of it, and then finally I feel like it settled on missing a parent because of the lines: "All so suddenly you come around" and "Rest assured you're looking down".  Regardless of how you take this song, who you think it refers to, it just shows that there are a lot of people we can miss for different reasons and though we may never stop missing them hopefully listening to this song can bring us some comfort.  


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