Music Review // Ava Della Pietra "Sick (music video)"

  Following the release of the single "Sick" on Valentine's Day, one week and one month later Ava Della Pietra has released a music video to accompany the song.   As a quick reminder, the song "Sick" is a catchy pop song about being in love with someone to the point where it makes you feel sick.  I know there is a name for this that people who don't believe in love will say is just science, but this music video takes you through the disease and the cure.

As this music video begins, Ava Della Pietra sees her crush from across the way.   When he looks back and they make eye contact it causes her to faint.   This leads to a stretcher and a full scene where she is being taken to the hospital.   Inside of the hospital room, everything is covered in hearts.  It looks like if you were inside a hospital room themed around Valentine's Day or just love in general (red/pink/hearts)

The story being told in this music video raises an interesting question.   Imagine if being lovesick was treated like other illnesses.  Imagine a society in the future which wants to take such things as emotions out of the equation to live a more productive lifestyle.  Think about it: when you have feelings, you're daydreaming about someone else instead of getting the most out of your work and therefore the work suffers.

Futuristic sci-fi movie ideas aside, this music video really shows that love is an emotion that can be more than just feelings as it can literally make you sick.  When I was a teenager, I remember being so enamored with someone that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.   At the end it seems as if the cure is for her to spend time with the person she is lovesick for, but in some cases that might make it worse.  Regardless, this is a fun music video that shows what it would be like if being lovesick was treated by medical professionals.  


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