Music Review // Allen Dobb "Alone Together"

The concept of being alone together can mean different things to different people.   Traditionally, it could be the idea of a romantic couple, as I think it is in this song, and it's just you and that other person against the world and everything else.  But I'm also drawn to characters in "Kick-Ass", where Hit Girl has this deep relationship with her father and for a moment it seems to be as if they are also alone together.

There's something special about being "Alone Together" and I'm surprised there isn't another, singular word for it.  Once you hit three people and go up from there it just feels like a group so there's no reason to define it further.   But sometimes being just you and one other person is worse than being by yourself- it can feel more awkward, especially in work type situations.   This pairing should have a better term than "duo", but alas, "Alone Together" seems to do just fine.

Allen Dobb takes us on a journey through a winding song which is borderline country.  This is folk / Americana and just feels like the type of music this country has always made, which includes artists such as Neil Young.   The song can be slow moving and then it kicks into the chorus with pianos.   There is also a big, winding guitar solo in here, which really seems to show off that musical talent within the song as well.

One of the most poignant lyrics within this entire song says: "We've got nothing to leave behind".  I know it may feel grim, but I really think of a Bonnie and Clyde vibe with that line.  It's just you, that one special person and no one nor nothing else.  Sometimes I think more people need to break it down to those essentials and not think about the material things in life, but if you're having trouble with that then this song is here to help.  


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