Cassette Review // Ennaytch "Sweat Off Our Brows, Flesh Off Our Bones" (Black Ring Rituals Records)


We begin with the sound of static and it takes us into this electronic beeping.   As we continue the sound comes through choppy and as is the case sometimes I had to check this as a streaming sound against the actual cassette to make sure this wasn't just coming out this way because of something being wrong with my tape player.  But this sort of cloud of smoke glitching is what this is supposed to be doing.

As this goes on it's slow moving, so it can feel relaxing in a weird way but then it begins to make that airplane sound as it expands and contracts.   This almost feels like small wheels turning, as we go through the fog and slowly expand into electro synth.   A bit of a cross between an alarm and an animal screaming comes through now and you can hear it through this static cloud.  

On the flip side this begins with a deeper drone which sounds more electronic, like a bugzapper.   Sounds like birds chirping are coming through in the background now, as laser synths can also be heard joining in.   This sound is just dropping and expanding now, like a nuclear bomb.  There is also a strong lightsaber vibe to this and yet it remains somewhat calming.  Laser shots are fired now.  

The synth still comes through but it feels like we have this electric scattering with some water and all I can think about are mice running around in sewers.   It feels like we're going into a space laser battle as this deep synth continues to breathe in and out.  It feels as if we're falling off now, like rats running and just falling off the edge of a cliff (which I admit is something lemmings would be more likely to do)  The end can sort of cut off but it still felt so relaxing throughout.  


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