Music Review // Dara Schindelka "Love Is Free"


When a song has a certain way about it that you feel like it's pop, I tend to think that means it isn't going to have a very strong message.  A lot of pop music is mindless and that's okay because sometimes you just want to put music on and enjoy it without having to really think about it.   However, on this song, "Love Is Free", Dara Schindelka has managed to tackle a topic which I think many people wish were addressed more often.  

"Love Is Free" seems to target a certain group of people and those are the people who claim to be religious but really are not.   There has been so much discourse about this topic that I feel like someone has probably written a book about it, but you know the people who are on social media and they say to love God but then they are out there clearly hating and going against the teachings of The Bible.

What's always been funny to me is that this type of hypocrisy doesn't exist in other beliefs and ideals, at least not as much as it does in religion.  You don't see people who have sworn off alcohol drinking light beers because they get a pass.  So there isn't really a whole lot to compare it with and how the people who are doing this cannot see it is just beyond me.  But this song, lyrically, is a nice reminder of it and maybe if you get moved by the beat you'll study the lyrics and have a new found realization.

With the synth in here, Dara Schindelka has created a dance number.  This is like old school Madonna and that's not something we hear enough of these days.   Yes, you very easily could put this song on and dance to it without giving it a second thought.  But I hope that as much as people enjoy this musically, they also begin to study it so that religion no longer becomes one of the great divides in this world.  


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