Music Review //
"Coming Together"


On the song "Coming Together", Satsang has a distinct style in both the sound of this song and the lyrics in which the mood is also set.   There are a number of variations of songs out there about the idea of coming together, most named "Come Together", and the fact that this not only isn't another cover of that particular song but feels like it's created this genre to distance itself from comparisons as well just feels so important.

Through the sounds of folk and rock music, Satsang creates a sound which might sound a lot like The Wallflowers, for example, on the surface but there are layers to this and it just also feels like it takes on deeper references- such as Eagle Eye Cherry- in the way that it can be pop and the chorus can be catchy.   There are obviously good places to start with thinking about this song in relation to other artists, but eventually you will only be able to hear Satsang.

The lyrics in the chorus come out with the hook: "All coming together but I'm falling apart".   This song, lyrically, feels very down to earth in the sense that most people who hear it should be able to relate with it in some way as it's about some specific but also leaves it open to interpretation for the listener.  There are many events in your life which can make you feel like it's all coming together and so this song would apply there.

Though the way it also begins to all fall apart just makes me think of how life is like that a lot of the time.  It's somewhat of what I like to think of as this Bojack Horseman take on life where once you feel like things are getting worked out, life throws you a curveball.  In 2019, my grandfather died and I thought I was going to live my life fuller and then the pandemic hit.  The way that this song normalizes that though just provides me with comfort all listeners should experience. 


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