Music Review //
Roses & Revolutions
"Here With You"

Roses & Revolutions have found a way to create music which sounds soft in the sense that it can come through primarily as a piano and vocals, but at the same time it can also feel so powerful because of that.  From artists such as Elton John and Dido to Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston, this is just that type of song that has a big radio ballad feel to it while sending an important message.

During the chorus of "Here With You" there are the lines: "Sometimes we win / Sometimes we lose / Sometimes we bleed / Sometimes we bruise / But I'm here with you"  In life, I believe that we all go through our ups and downs, but knowing someone is going to be there when you're down (possibly to help you get back up) sometimes does make all of the difference.  When someone is admitted to a mental institution, they are rarely done so without being around other people.

Before the time of social media it wasn't as easy to connect with other people and when we're kids we think our parents have it all figured out, but now, as we can share in these times we can see that no one really has it all figured out.  As toxic as social media can be, it is nice that it can bring us all a little bit closer together in knowing that, as this song reminds us, we are not alone.  Whatever you're going through, someone can be there for you and sometimes that can make a world of difference.

While Roses & Revolutions primarily stick with the piano + vocals formula on this song, it does kick in a bit with the percussion during the chorus.   Towards the end, it does get even louder with what sounds like a huge chorus echoing the title.  I like to think of this all as a big stage performance, with a single spotlight turning into full stage lights.  It quiets back down again before the end, but the message has been clear and no one should be made to feel alone.