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This opens with instrumental hip hop that definitely reminds me of something from the 1990's that would've been originally released on cassette.   There is a bit of C&C Music Factory in here.  I can also hear elements of the Jackson 5 and then the next song comes in strong with singing.   This kicks in with what almost sounds like a harmonica and there is just a definite R&B sound in this part here.

Keys come in now with a pacing that makes this feel a bit sci-fi.   This drives into a different type of instrumental hip hop now which reminds me of some combination of Cypress Hill and Black Sheep.   An audio clip comes in reminding us that there is a song for every occasion.   That feeling of high strings comes in now as this gets into a chill groove.   This has the sound of a film to it now and makes me think of Tarantino before more singing comes in and just makes me think that even more.

More traditional beats come through now and it feels like Arrested Development or just something along those laid back lines.   That fades out and turns into synths which remind me of Rush's "Tom Sawyer".   As it gets faster it feels more erratic before finally coming around and finding its rhythm.   A lot of singing comes in now, as if it is sampled from somewhere else.   This song is just singing about how it's hard but life can take you there and it's the emotional uplifting I need right now.

It sounds as if we are singing about being golden as the vocals are manipulated but also feel like some high R&B in that almost spiritual way.   We're into a sample of The Flamingos now, which is just one of those songs that I think everyone knows but maybe everyone doesn't.   On the flip side we open up with a song singing about how we need each other and if that is sampled from an existing song I don't know it so perhaps that is also how people feel about The Flamingos song.  

Big pianos keep this song singing and moving as it sounds like someone is saying "sadness".   It definitely feels like there is a harmonica in here now as we drop off into those Roadhouse Blues.   There is singing, somewhat rock and it makes me think of TMBG.   Pianos and slip beats bring in that sax which just makes this song sound like a detective working on a rainy night.   This definitely feels like a jazz number as well.   This switches up to where it sounds like the opening to a television theme and then becomes much deeper beats.

These synth tones really begin to come out like a video game, such as Pole Position, and the beats just make them feel brooding.   An audio clip comes through that I recognize right away as Robin Williams and then place as being from "Good Will Hunting".   The beats get chopped up and drop off, but that Robin Williams monologue continues throughout.   This turns into a loop of what sound like crystal tones.   Another rock song I am unfamiliar with comes in now.  They're singing about "goodbye baby blue" and that shows results for Van Morrison and Bob Dylan but it doesn't quite sound like either.

Faster beats come in now with slower tones dropped.  Pianos and a wishing well.  The best and brightest energy.  Now it's talking about the full moon and for some reason it reminds me of the ending of an old episode of Mister Rogers.   The beats come in with the piano now.  It's fitting this has that almost jazz sound to it as well and as it builds, it ends up just ultimately fading out to end the cassette.  

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