Cassette Review //
Jeff Surak
"Eris | Dysnomia"
(Public Eyesore Records / zeromoon)



With some rattling, this cassette begins with a bit of haunted drone.   Then it all kicks in with a magic synth way.   There is a rattling in here and it gets ominous but it also just feels largely like it's droning.   The drone begins to sound like a siren and there is a sound behind it which also adds to this idea, so it becomes higher pitched and feels like a warning.   Then it gets really sharp to where it can hurt your ears.

As the sharpness drops off we're left with a quieter rattling and it has left its lasting affects on your ears.   We're rocking back and forth now with the drone, as if we are lost at sea and the waves are taking us out.   We then drop into a hollow glass drone that has some sharpness around it.   Then all these tones come together to almost sound like bagpipes.  A humming sound cuts through the back almost like a bug zapper.

This drone drops off to make that percussion sound where it just feels like a bunch of things being banged around.  It doesn't quite have that pots and pans sound to it, but it's definitely some kind of contents being shifted during flight.  But you can also hear and recognize that it is in fact the percussion and not every day objects making the sounds.

On the flip side we open up with the sound of rusty strings breaking and it feels like a sitar at that.   There is some scraping and then the notes drop in like space.   Then loud, harsh noises come out through the quiet.   A series of beeps and just that feeling of flipping through the radio frequencies now.   A banging rhythm now, such as if you were banging the drum while working and then it switches over to that sharpness of one of those instruments where you use to check for radiation.  

This all comes into a groove where it feels like a locomotive but yet has some static around it and you just know it's something else.   A series of beeps like a metal detector or sonar now.   Slowly enough it begins to feel as if these sounds drop off into space, one by one.   Tones remind me of "Rugrats" and then it just feels like record scratches before walking through the woods and breaking branches.  

Loud percussion comes in with beats and singing which feels like it's sampled.   This whole cassette just took off in a different direction.   This song just feels like the soundtrack to a movie from the 1980's, the way you'd put clips of the audio into the music to kind of make a musical trailer and I like it.   This takes us into a slower version of cut up synths and whirrs with some vocals behind it but they're incoherent.  

As this comes to an end here we have this solid drone with what sounds like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between it.    It feels like we're staring into infinity.   And then it just drops off and that's how the cassette ends.  

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