Cassette Review //
Social Union
"Fall Into Me"
(Blackjack Illuminist Records)


Right away I can tell that I am going to enjoy this cassette by Social Union because it brings out this distortion but also melodies.   Social Union has a good way of finding their own voice throughout these songs while bringing their influences out as well.  You can tell some of the bands which may have influenced Social Union, but their sound doesn't directly copy that and it takes on this original sound that you'll come to appreciate by the end of "Fall Into Me".

With synths there are thoughts about artists such as PJ Harvey and Garbage.   But then this also can get faster paced and a little bit spooky.   In that way, the sound takes on this idea that becomes a bit of a guessing game.   It feels like you could come up with a lot of names to suggest "What if ____ had fronted ___?"  For me, it's somewhat like if Lana Del Rey was fronting Blondie but I'm not sure if it would be more modern or classic.

The songs can also take on this incredible weight, which makes them sound like thunder and it's just heavy without being metal.   I hear pieces of a band such as New Order, but I also can just feel like this is similar to Metric in the way that every song feels important.   Every individual song still feels like its own little album and that it has its own distinct purpose.   There are no filler tracks on this cassette.

Sometimes I can get really down about music because I can feel overwhelmed and just that there isn't as much new music coming out as there should be.  There exists (or should exist) this balance between music new and old.  There are enough sources out there that artists can create something which feels familiar and immediately draws in the listener but at the same time still paints its own picture.  That is, in many ways, what I look for in music and Social Union has done just that.   

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