Cassette Review //
"Soft Bangers"
(Funny/Not Funny Records)



The sound of wineteeth comes on quite fast.  There is an element of grunge to this music but it can also be punk.  Bands like Letters to Cleo and White Stripes come to mind right away.  Through the distortion and energy there can also come some anger, which is perhaps best worked out through music and art.   In ways this reminds me of Discount, but I'm not sure anyone even remembers them any more.

"Judy & Johnny" has an almost spy theme type of feel to it and that also can make me think about Save Ferris.   There is an overall feeling of No Doubt but other bands such as Cowboy Junkies, that dog, Mazzy Starr and K's Choice all come through as well.  It is really the perfect collection of sounds from the past brought together to create a new sound for the future.  It is punk rock with an emphasis on the rock.

Though it does slow down with the song "I'm Fine", which feels more like a power ballad.   "Slow Cowboy" also has this sweet bass line, which reminds me a bit of Weezer, and I might've expected this cassette to end with a bang- as it started- but it truly feels more like it just sort of drifts out into space and that also feels like where we should go.  

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