Cassette Review //
Crocodilo Slam
"Nascido em Swampland"
(Municipal K7)


What begins with the sounds of guitars drops off into those guitars with some killer beats.   While instrumental, this sound has started off a certain way and turned into something else, though it feels deeper and darker it still has a certain groove to it.   It becomes faster paced now, more electronic and feeling like a video game.   The beat begins to clap now and with a xylophone this one just sounds delightful.  

The sax comes in and then so does some singing.  This becomes a much faster paced song now as it feels like it's going into an almost punk sound but one the likes of which I have never quite heard before.  The beat grows like synthwave now and it feels as if the sky is opening up.   A little higher in tone now, it feels like a flute is at the front of the sound.   It quiets down into the sound of bugs but then picks right back up.

Everything appears to rewind as someone suggests "Why don't you lower the mic, Tony?"  A slow, skipping beat comes in and an audio clip has someone speaking as well.   The idea of it all rewinding continues now, as it comes in during the musical groove of the song.   Tony is once again dressed.   As the beats return, so does a sound somewhat like an electronic dog barking but we've found ourselves in a nice Resident Evil type of place.   Organ keys come through now as well and it feels like we're on a dragon quest.  

On the flip side it sounds as if the guitar is tuning but then the notes flow through like folk with vocals.   It can kick in loud but then go right back to that folk sound with lots of words.   Some sharp feedback is in here now, but then it rises up into this other sound.   A strongly distorted guitar riff comes through now.   The beats drop and they are both heavy and loud.   Singing like a choir takes over now. 
Sounds of Heaven mixed with sitar-like strings and vocals without words take over now.   A drum machine type of beat is heard now as words are spoken like an audio clip over it.   Keys like a video game come in as a loop and then the beat drops loud and heavy once again.   Everything begins to feel like it is unwinding now, like we are on some sort of warped carousel ride.   A song now sounds like a television theme song I cannot place.

More desolate tones bring out singing once again.  Percussion comes through in rapid fire.   A sole beat feels ominous as notes come through with other beeping.  It all feels a bit like "Paint It Black" but also hypnotic.   Notes are fired out through space now.   It feels somewhat like a video game, such as Asteroids, but it also just feels like such a freeing sound.  The tones become more upbeat and birds can be heard singing along.  

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