Cassette Review //
"Touchhole demo"
(Tetryon Tapes)


  The music of Touchhole comes out fast and loud.  There is this certain level of electronics within the sound, but it also has this industrial vibe as well.  It reminds me of something from the early 2000's or around that time when industrial became more experimental.   Somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Deathdealer, this has elements of Frank Goshit and Dana Fowler And The within it as well.

There is screaming, distortion and it is fast paced.  You can really hear the guitars on the last song.  Sometimes, the vocals are there but they are not words.  Most of these songs are fairly short as well and with that this collection which becomes to demo repeats more than once on this cassette.   In that way, these songs start to become hypnotic because if you're listening to this cassette you might wonder whether you've heard this riff before or if it's just because it's the fourth time you've heard this song.

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