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"In these difficult times​.​.​.​. now more than ever​.​.​. at the end of the day​.​.​.​.​. Pepsi"



Beats begin this cassette like a bouncing ball.   Noises offer up banging and space whirrs in the background of it all.   The rhythm of this makes it feel hypnotic, but then it fades out and vocals are heard unclearly and without words.  There is an alien way about this.    An audio clip comes through about putting the word out there.  This is an electronic game of pinball but somehow it is in space.  

There are two audio clips seemingly arguing with each other now, though they just continue to say the same things over and over, and the wave behind it is quite smooth.   A deeper type of manipulated vocals can be heard as there is an audio clip about fear.   What's funny to me is that I feel like back in 2000 there were books just everywhere about how the media is trying to control us with fear and though those books aren't around as much it hasn't really stopped.  An electronic pinball game now has some verbal sounds in it without words.

A brief audio clip about time and then the beats drop in a distorted and blissed out way.   There is an audio clip now about surrounding yourself with people that empower you and this is beginning to feel like a motivational speaker seminar.  Does Tony Robbins still make cassettes?  I feel like that's what this is from.   This audio clip phases out as these beats come in.   And now there is an audio clip about girls not paying attention to you and this seems like bad advice so I won't repeat it.

They're discussing a new Ferrari but also that the number one thing which keeps us in mediocrity is caring what other people think.   Even though that can be true to some extent, you still have to be self aware and I feel like the people who say these types of things aren't really self aware.   And now the beat drops us into an audio sample about toe fungus.    There are sounds behind this as well which sound like coins.  

An audio clip about helping artists get shows or something comes through now with a sax riff.   It's weird because just hearing the audio clip for a second makes me know what kind of service it's offering and how it is something that people shouldn't click on.   A bouncing electronic ball brings in an audio clip about power.   The pace picks up a bit with some claps now.   The idea of the power being inside us is somewhat true though.   There is talk about copy and paste templates now with free training.  

On the flip side there is this back and forth like a clock, but then also this drawn out guitar riff with some distorted singing.   And now we are being told good morning and thanks for taking the walk.   As this just kicks in with the electronics, the way the audio clip comes in just makes it feel worse and more like a scam.   A short series of beeps like Jaws comes in while we're told our body can look better by being more compact.   And now something about 100% plant based chicken nuggets.

Now Jesus is telling us to get a massage and that doesn't feel like it can be a real commercial but somehow I don't doubt that it is.  The music comes out so nicely behind this, just a perfect rhythm.   The sounds of the sea come through in an almost air-brushed way and it just feels weird to continuously hear someone say they're Jesus but such is the world of advertising.   We're back to discussing fear and then something about what is planned for 10/20.   Now this guy is talking about flipping homes.

The synth feels like we're going into outerspace and then there is an audio clip about how 2020 is going to be our year.  Oh boy.  The funny thing is, at the start of 2020, I had this mindset.   2020 was going to be my year and I was really living it up until the pandemic hit.  But I guess so were a lot of other people.  "When you wake up, set your intentions for how you want your day to go".  I bet no one planned for the pandemic in that way though.   This ends with the idea that if you have the desire, you must be motivated to go after what you want and that I can agree with.

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