Cassette Review //
Come Mierda
"Demo 2021"
(RTF Records)


Back when I first started writing about music, it was that time when people would come up to me at shows and hand me cassettes of their demos to review.   That time when everything was still on cassette before the compact disc took over (and now everything is digital) really was a special time and this Come Mierda demo being released on cassette just brings me back to it.  Also, if you check out the store for RTF Records you will see this is one of those areas where music and professional wrestling combine.

Some time back in the late 2000's, as we approached 2010, music changed drastically for me.   There was this time when I was listening to Victory Records, Revelation Records and Equal Vision as they had artists who just the epitome of hardcore.   Bands like Warzone and Shut Down.  I'd listen to these bands to get out my aggression.  But at some point in time, all of that changed when every band decided that they needed to be hardcore but also have those melodies of singing, which I don't mind listening to as a genre but just felt like those bands which sounded like Bane were becoming fewer and fewer.

Slowly but surely over the past few years the amount of bands making that kick-your-wall type of hardcore music has increased again and I think part of it is that they've always been there they were just harder to find for a little while.   And now we have Come Mierda, who literally translates to "Eat Shit", and it just couldn't be any more in your face and trying to get you to start a fight- which I love and missed for such a long time in the music scene.

Through distortion these songs can be fast paced.  Elements of thrash, metal and speed, this one definitely hits heavy and it hits hard.  There is an audio clip in here about dinosaurs from "The Sopranos" and as someone who grew up in Catholic school I must admit I always thought dinosaurs and humans existed together.    If you loved hardcore music and were listening to Victory Records before the turn of the century, then this one will definitely be for you.   This sound is simply unrelenting.  

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