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Francisco Martin
"Manic EP"



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I fully believe that everyone had those dreams of being a musician when they got older because music is just such a big part of life.  I always thought music which set the mood was great but when I was in my late teens I wanted to create music which was either overly poppy and had depressing lyrics or the opposite of that.   While it has been done before, I don't think I've heard anyone put these lyrics of a depressive nature into sing along pop songs quite like this.  Obviously, Blue October and Twenty One Pilots come to mind first, but this is just on a whole other level.

A number of these songs have been released as singles prior to this EP coming out and if you haven't been paying attention now is the time to catch up.   The new song also out today (see the video above!) is called "Narcissist" and it comes in at the second spot.  It has a line in it that says "Calls from my manager, saying that I'm manic" but then it goes on to also say "Rather be dead than a little over average".  I think, when off of our meds (which this song also addresses) the way we think isn't always the clearest and we need to remember that.  It's better to be alive and average than dead.

As someone who has struggled with mental health what feels like their entire life (let's just say for more years than not) and having seen others go through it as well, it's comforting to hear an EP of songs which doesn't really glorify it but addresses it in a way which can help those who aren't so directly affected by it understand.  And "freak show" has this Panic At The Disco sound about it, so it's not something which is difficult to listen to musically either.

Musically, this EP has that sound which after you listen to it a few times you'll be singing along.   Even if you don't want to embrace the message it's still fun in a musical sense.  But I also feel like this is just one of the best EPs I've heard that not only explores mental health but does so in a way which makes it feel mainstream.  The topic of the lyrics is one which might not always want to be discussed, but the way the songs sound make it easier to discuss and for that this is quite possibly the most important EP to come out this year.  


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