Baseball Review //
Record-Journal Expos, 20
Bristol Greeners, 6
July 30th, 2022
Bristol Central High School, Bristol, CT

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This third and final meeting of the regular season between the Record-Journal Expos and Bristol Greeners once again brought the Expos back to Bristol Central.  This was not only a rare Saturday game for the GHTBL, but it was also a day game as it had an 11 am start time.  This would prove to be important later because had this been a night game it might have been suspended due to lights and then it would've had to been picked up and finished at a later date (or the Greeners just took the loss)

Somehow this game started with a most unusual first inning for the Expos.  Sebby Grignano was hitting lead off and he was put on base via hit by pitch.  Again, if the league had a stat for the player who has been hit by the most pitches this season, I think Sebby Grignano would have that honor.    Shaun Remillard took a walk and then Francisco Asencio was also HBP to load up the bases.  

This felt like a chance for a big hit (in the ball hitting the bat way, not in the player getting hit again way) to really open up the runs for the Expos, but a wild pitch would bring Sebby Grignano home for a 1-0 Expos lead.   Shaun Remillard would also score on a wild pitch before AJ Hendrickson walked to make it first and third.   At this point in the game, the Bristol Greeners took out their starting pitcher.  

Will Kszywanos would single in Francisco Asencio, and then AJ Hendrickson would score on a sac fly to give the Expos four runs in the first inning.    The Greeners would respond with two runs of their own and it felt like it might be one of those games where it ends near a football score and it sort of did but eventually the Greeners lost their offense.  Still, in the bottom of the first AJ Lorenzetti singled up the third base side to start a rally.

A double made it second and third for the Greeners, then a walk loaded the bases and Stephen Warkoski hit to shallow right field to score two runs for the Greeners.  At this point, after one inning, it was 4-2 so it felt like the Greeners were within reach and still had a chance but all of that would soon change.

The top of the second inning saw Sebby Grignano at bat again and he was HBP again.   Shaun Remillard singled in a run to make it 5-2, then Francisco Asencio popped up and three different Greeners players couldn't find the ball.  Grignano would score on the play, but Remillard was out going to second.  The hit wasn't quite infield enough for the infield fly rule but it's still a little bit of an example as to why that rule exists.

The Greeners got a solid shot in the bottom of the second to score their third run of the game and then on a wild pitch the fourth run would score.   The Greeners were down 6-4 now and it felt like every time the Expos would score so would the Greeners and there was that chance that the Greeners could somehow turn it around and walk it off, even if it was 10-8 by the final inning or so.

Then the Greeners lost it.   Charlie Hesseltine singled in the first run of the third inning.   Shaun Remillard singled in Hesseltine and then Sebby Grignano walked.   With a score of 8-4 and two outs, Francisco Asencio doubled in Sebby Grignano and the inning would end with three more runs for the Expos and the score at 9-4.

The Greeners would go three up / three down in the bottom of the third.  This somewhat set the pace for the rest of the game as the Expos had offense and longer innings while the Greeners were shut down and had shorter innings when at bat.

The Greeners would change pitchers again and every new pitcher felt like a new opportunity for Sebby Grignano to get HBP.  Will Kszywanos started off the inning with a double.  Eric Hesseltine would load the bases but the Greeners fumbled the ball allowing Kszywanos to score.   With a throw past first, Sebby Grignano scored two more runs to give the Expos three more runs this inning and a 12-4 lead.   It felt now as if the Greeners were out of reach and being shut down offensively by the pitching of Sebby Grignano played its role in that as well.

The fifth inning began with a walk by AJ Hendrickson.   Charlie Hesseltine would bring AJ Hendrickson home for the first of four runs this inning.   Eric Hesseltine and Sebby Grignano would both single in runs and then Eric Hesseltine would score on a wild pitch.   The inning would end with the Expos up 16-4.  

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Will Kszywanos came in to pitch for the Expos.   With bases loaded and one out, the Greeners got a hit to move the runners and score their fifth run of the game.  A HBP would give the Greeners their second run of the inning, sixth and final overall for the game.   After five innings, the Expos were up 16-6 and it felt like we needed a mercy rule (Being up by 10 or more runs after five innings?)

The sixth inning was the only inning in which the Record-Journal Expos did not score any runs.

Will Kszywanos settled into his pitching role, as Sebby Grignano did before him, and the offense of the Greeners was shut down for the rest of the game.   However, the Expos were not done yet.  Shaun Remillard would triple and drive two runs in for the Expos.  This is also important to note because back in the fourth inning, Remillard had a double which means he was only a homerun away from hitting for the cycle.

Francisco Ascencio singled in Shaun Remillard and then a double by AJ Hendrickson drove in Asencio to make it the final score of 20-6.   This felt like a season best for the Expos in terms of offense but the really story being told here is how effective the Expos can be when needed and with every player on their team.

If you consider the players who feel like every game players that weren't in this game- Jason Sullivan, Nhasean Murphy, Javon Malone, Justin Marks, Kyle Hartenstein, Jack Rich and Jeff Massicotte- you just have to realize that players like Francisco Asencio and Shaun Remillard really showed that no matter who is at the bat for the Expos, that possibility to score and just break the game wide open is right there.

After a game last night against the Vernon Orioles, the Bristol Greeners are done with their regular season, finishing with a record of 5-19.   They currently sit in last place, but the Wallingford Cardinals still have one game left to play- Wednesday night against the Orioles in Vernon (A Battle Of The Birds!)- and should the Cardinals win that they will be able to choose where the wild card game to get into the playoffs will be played.

The Expos sit in first place with the Jets a half game behind them.   The Expos play tonight against the Phillies in Meriden, tomorrow in Meriden as well against People's and Thursday at Dunkin Donuts Park.   The Jets play tonight against People's and Thursday at Dunkin Donuts Park, so as long as the Expos don't lose a game this week they will finish first and should the Jets lose to People's or the Colts they'll just be that much further from first.

It's all going to go fast but it all does come to a head this Thursday at Dunkin Donuts Park when the Expos take on People's and the Jets meet the Colts.   It's for a great cause as well, and you can buy a ticket or simply donate by clicking here: