Cassette Review //
"Headache Bait"
(Suite 309)



A series of beeps, as if a smoke alarm is malfunctioning, go off while big synth piano tones takeover the sound like Coldplay.   Big beats drop in now.   This has definitely become the type of music you'd hear at a rave, but then it goes back into that earlier Coldplay sound.   The tones end up eventually sounding like they're coming from church as a steam whistle is in the background.  

Back to that fast / dance / rave sound now.   As it moves faster, it becomes more fun and reminds me of a video game such as Sonic the Hedgehog.   I feel like we're running around collecting coins.   Singing is coming into the song now but it's high pitched like MC Chris and everything is just moving so fast I can't keep up.

Static comes in with the beeps now.  This sound has started to sound more urgent.   There are bits of singing but it mostly is just fast paced and ringing like an alarm.   Something about this now also just makes me think it's a sped up C&C Music Factory, but then of course it drops off into something completely different.   You have to appreciate how this cassette just keeps going though- the sound never falters.  

There is singing through much autotune and then the electronics come out pounding in different tones.   It's a cross between a video game and the soundtrack to "Go", but it's still hitting hard.  It is also mostly instrumental.    The way this can also just open up and become all blissed out just makes the times when it does kick in feel so much better.   And now it has definitely kicked in with some strong Nintendo soundtrack vibes.   This also becomes much faster, like a different video game, but still so much fun.

On the flip side we open up with what sounds like "wow" and then "space" as the beats get funky.  But as I look at the tracklist on Bandcamp I realize the song is saying "wow thanks" because that is the title.   It feels like a dark piano is trucking along now.   We enter a pleasant, somewhat hypnotic loop now.   A swarm of bees approaches as the beats become rapid fire.   There are so many different blips as it gets increasingly faster.

Words feel like they are being shot out as quickly as the beats before glorious video game type synth comes in.   This drops off into what sounds like a broken carousel but then these big, fun walking beats come in.   As the beats get faster this sound like MIDI comes in and takes me back to thinking about that specific era of video games.   I feel like horns are coming in now and it just takes this whole sound to an entirely new level.   Vocals seem to be behind this and it just creates this new sound I love so much.

Everything shifts to a different type of wave now, but it still keeps the pace.   There are these video game vibes now with vocals which makes me think this is the theme song to some Saturday morning cartoon only it's being sped up for some reason.    An odd chorus of vocals comes in now, as the synth tones flow up and down.   Then everything just starts slamming at the same time, truly demonstrating the controlled chaos that is this cassette.  

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