Cassette Review //
Bryan Day & Seymour Glass
"Crooked Doppler "



This cassette opens with the sounds of percussion but it feels almost like a bird is laughing at us.   Big church sounding bells come into the background and is this is a neat collection of sounds.  When I hear the bells, I hear them singing "I love you".   There's some shuffling, as it skips around a bit, the sounds of water and then something making tiny groans like an alien or Gremlin.   A sound of scraping and then automated vocals that seem to say "Yeah" only all twisted up.  It sounds like little quacks and then it drops off.

We move into this race into outerspace.   There's some beeping and what just feels like the turning of the nobs before those big Undertaker-like gongs come in.   Heavy breathing now, like someone is out of breath from running, and then a deep tone like a moo.   It sounds like muted talking and then just drops off into a whole bunch of crashing noises, things falling and being thrown around in a kitchen perhaps.    We're slipping through space now and it just feels so desolate.  

There is also a feeling now as if we're dropping off into a video game, with synth tones that make me think about the Atari.   It feels like a crowd before these tones go into an up and down loop.  Dings come in now and it sounds like a pinball machine for sure.   Then it just feels like a horn, a trumpet perhaps, is just blaring through drone.   This takes us into some whirrs and clanking of glass.   It feels like balloons stretching now and it makes a noise as such, as the air comes out.

Voices come through in static and trade off before we reach the end of the first side.   This takes us into the flip side which has some vocals that are stretched out and deep but then there are words spoken behind them.   Lasers cut through like swords and someone can be heard shouting from it.   Sounds like bugs lead to long croaking like a frog but also a monster.    It feels like we're going through the pots and pans again, but not as loudly as before.

A blender now sets the stage for chaos.   What sounds like a baby crying but isn't human.  Beeps and blips for sure.   Notes come through like Q-Bert and then there are these little blasts of distorted air behind them.   And everything just begins breaking now.   A series of beeps, a pass code perhaps.   Then it just kind of drops off into darkness, with Darth Vader breathing sounds.   Tones slowly make their way in as this almost becomes ambient.  

Scraping and the sound of glass come through before some more percussion in the background.   The beeping has returned and it's all sort of merged together.  It feels like a printer is at work or a copy machine.   And we get to a long and animated scream now.   Humming now as well and then the whole thing just sort of drops off.   It felt somewhat like we were inside of a video game the entire time but then also it just seemed in a real world way like we were inside of a factory or something similar.  





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