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The Unfits
"Satisfy Me"

"Satisfy Me" begins with these cool beats that make me think of chillwave.   It starts off at a moderate pace, driving, and then just kicks into the chorus in such a huge way.    It's upbeat and reminds me of something you'd hear on the radio, something like The Killers or Fun, but not quite either of those two artists exactly.  It has this mass appeal because I imagine it being played in giant stadiums with tens of thousands of people singing along.  It's just going to have that presence when it hits.

There is this breakdown- which could be the bridge- which sings about "Life is lust and we fade to black" (which, perhaps truer words were never spoken) and this particular section of the song reminds me of Blue October, which is a band I feel we don't hear enough about.  If Blue October really had one of these giant radio type hits of a song then this is what it might sound like, if they took their sound up to somewhere a bit more pop to get to where "Satisfy Me" is. 

Somehow though, despite the pop feeling of the song itself, the lyrics can be a bit depressing and I am a huge fan of music which feels cheerful but when you read into the lyrics seems sad.   Even the verse of "I'm a loner / Who's like a marble stone / Cut too deep by all the love I've known / I need something, like fire / Or a feeling"  struck me right away because, hey, I'm also a loner, but I like the idea of needing to feel something and being hurt by love.

On top of just verse by verse lyrics you can pick out and enjoy, just think about the chorus and being satisfied.  Is anyone ever truly satisfied?  You might want something and then when you get it you could either feel like you want more or don't want it anymore and you want something else.  I think we all go through a lot of this in life (right?) and it's sad because one day I'd like to be content but I will use this song as a reminder that it is also okay to never be fully content because in other ways always wanting more is what keeps us alive.  We might as well be reminded of that with a rhythm you can dance to.


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