Cassette Review //
Canadian Rifles
(Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

€7 //
Edition of 55 // //

We begin with a burst of static which has some magical powers growing in it.    Organs come into the background to set the mood as desolate and perhaps in space.   Strings come through and create a sense of sadness as well.   Static waves crash.    Even with some bits of harshness mixed in, this has a calm and soothing effect for me.   It's like floating in the ocean and letting the waves simply take you to where they want you to be.

A voice comes through now, like a message on an answering machine.   Softer tones.   A little bit of that "X-Files" vibe.    There are waves and signal transmissions.    A hissing like snakes and pieces of a voice.    Splashing around in the water can be heard now as a deeper voice comes through, a different one from before, and this one feels like a narrator in a film.

A helicopter now cuts through the ambient air behind it.    The mood also feels somewhat like a video game, but one in the post apocalypse where you must now wander to find other living creatures, food, water, etc.    It's odd how it has that combination, to me, of something like "Lord of the Rings"- being of Middle Earth- but also "Mad Max". 

That apocalyptic static opens up the flip side with the sound of birds.    Tones shine through like magic and we are once again in a peaceful place, one where we can meditate.   An electronic rattling like a raygun now brings out some feelings like maybe we are on a different planet and have encountered an unfriendly being.    It can continue to feel desolate, such as maybe this wasteland isn't exactly on earth.

An abrupt static comes in now, like a car starting, and then we go into these ambient drones which make it feel as if we are floating in space.    This time, as the sound fades, it becomes waves which turn into a crowd scene with some talking and it makes me think we are at an airport.   More of these ambient keys now as the sounds begin to glow.  Soft spoken words.   Waves crash behind the hues and words are spoken in a language which I believe to be French.   This all has a peaceful way about it, a soothing yet hypnotic way of pulling you in and making you feel like everything is going to be okay.


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