Cassette Review //
"Black and White Electric Light OST"
(Philip K. Discs)

$5 //
Edition of 20 // // //

This cassette starts with some chanting and it feels like we're going to go into the sounds of monks.    While this feels hypnotic, it is a nice way of being welcomed into the cassette because it pulls you in and makes you really pay attention to it.   A sound lingers in the background now like a steady motor and harsher distortion slashes through at the surface.   Cymbals come through but perhaps they are not cymbals but rather some other form of metal banging.   Tones creep in and out likes "JAWS".    It feels a little bit like a video game, but also like a guitar.

Organs come in and I feel like Scooby-Doo is about to find a dracula.   Lone, desolate string plucks as well remind me somewhat of that Smashing Pumpkins style bass.   The guitar shakes now, echoing through like the deep bellow of a frog.   Drums come in and you can hear the snare this time to know it is in fact drums.   This has a metal way about it, not in a material way but a genre way, as it makes me think like we're about to drop into something like Black Sabbath, which would be perfect for skateboarding.   Is "skate metal" a genre because if it is then this would be a perfect intro to that.

Some screeching now like car tires and then it begins to sound like we're trying to start a car as the whirrs cut through lime a horror movie.    The music is humming and shaking before it comes to an end.   Tones come in next which sound like they're being played through long pipes but part of me realizes they are in fact keys.   This has almost a church organ drone way about it and it feels calm, relaxing, which is good for meditation.    I partly feel like this is coming out like FNL now as well, as it has that indie movie soundtrack thing going for it.

It can begin to feel like we are in an alien place, like in that film "The Phantom Planet", and then notes come through next one by one with what sounds like the crackling of fire in the background.   There is an acoustic guitar sense here, as you can hear the strings slide, and it makes me feel like this song is being played around a campfire for that reason.   It's this peaceful, stripped down type of sound and then these louds bursts come through like stars crashing to Earth.    Once that crackling ends though, a few more notes play and we reach the end. 


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