Cassette Review //
{Bento Records)

$6 //
Edition of 100 //

A deep bass makes us feel like we're on a different planet.  A sonic whirr comes through in waves, which can feel like a transmission but can also feel quite hypnotic.   This alls flushes out in some drone and then has higher peaks of ambient sound.   When the first song comes to an end, you can hear what sounds like the play button being pressed to start the static-electric nature of the next one.    This turns into a locomotive engine type of sound which builds and can also remind me of a windmill for some reason.
Somewhat magical, somewhat like car horns now we find ourselves going into a new realm.    The whirrs come cutting through once again.    It stays steady with a rhythm which isn't quite that locomotive but it does keep chugging along.   Somehow this can sound like a car stalling but at the same time it has that motion where you can nod your head along with it.
Distorted bass now takes us into beats which can remind me of "Run Lola Run".   There are crashes in here and it just feels like we're trying to get away from someone or something.   It feels almost like explosions now as we're in some SNES game,   Very much I have thoughts of "Double Dragon" or a game of that nature before the air dries out.  I'm also thinking of that old TMNT arcade game.   The tones become uplifting now, as if we have escaped.
On the flip side we open on a higher note and the sound just feels lighter, more wonderful.   It's this feeling of being in the sky rather than having your feet on the ground.  Electronics come in like Pong and it just feels like such a fun trip.   A little bit of sharpness with that alien whirr takes us into the next song as the percussion also bangs.  This brings out some dramatic tones and it feels like an organ in some ways as well.   This song has a slower pace but still feels so very vital.
The pace increases and this drives, somewhat like "Knight Rider".    It takes us to some place where we can be safe, but then the next song comes in with these darker tones which aren't quite haunted but do feel like suspense.   I must admit how music can convey so many more emotions than words, which is sometimes I do struggle with finding the right words to describe what I'm feeling.   Music is a better writer than anyone else, really.   Now I imagine that Alfred Hitchcock is somehow alive and making a new "Scooby-Doo" movie.
Guitars cut through like post rock.   This had that FNL sound all along, I just didn't realize it until now when it was so obviously presented to me.   As the tones drown up and down, there is a ringing behind it as well which feels like a broken car alarm.   This ringing increases in pitch but then drops back down and it can also I suppose be the rapid banging of a piano key, if you want to compare it with music.   As it fades out though I can only imagine it as being an unanswered SOS.


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