Cassette Review //
Sum Say
"Another View"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Edition of 100 // //

Audio clips bring in waves crashing and this soft hum like beeping, which if you're listening with headphones can make you think your phone is ringing.   The drums kick in now and it has this cool, almost jazz vibe to it.    It feels like it could be something from "The Crow" and even dips into this dark place like NIN. 

Lighter tones come through now with birds chirping.   It feels uplifting in some regard.   This turns into some electronic droplets creating a pattern which is reflected in synth and can be borderline "X-Files" if it didn't feel so much more sci-fi than alien.   It has that space sense about it but then feels like those drops of a leaky faucet hitting into an empty bucket.   The rhythm picks up with a little bit of funk.

It winds into an almost error message type of glitch and then fades out into a dark cloud drone.    The tones return with magic and wonder, ever so softly.   Hues come through with percussion now and the pace has picked up.    Skip beats make this one feel like something you could dance to as the percussion multiplies.    What was once so quiet now has me bobbing my head along with it.

A ringing comes through now which has this banjo/jawharp twang to it while there is a certain drone behind it as well.    It has this pattern which certainly makes it feel distinct.   The beats drop now and this has that trip-hop feel to it.     Pulses now come through with slight scraping and then the beats turn it into a feeling of something from that 1990's era of electronic hip hop, that "Kids" soundtrack era.

In other ways, on some other level, this does remind me of Tribe Called Quest as well.   It's the idea of lo-fi, chill beats.   Back and forth tones open up the flip side and you can hear the bass line.   Two quieter tones set the pace now as it has all slowed down.    Some static comes through in an industrial way but we're right back to these floating around on cloud sounds.   Words can be heard and they feel so desperate.

It sounds as if a tape player has pressed play now and we go into these muted scrapes and church organs.    Bells make this feel holy and then it comes into some type of video game feeling as well, as I think about the ways of martial arts.   The bells and windchimes move with the beats to create a unique and powerful experience.   It brings me into this cool, chill vibe.   Tings come out next and it feels like each one has its own significance.   Beats come in now and you can begin to move to this one.

Though this isn't entirely a direct comparison, I would say that at times this cassette can remind me of Us3, which is also one of those names I don't know if everyone will get or not.    Beats coming through now make me think of "The Lion King" for some reason and then it drops off into this abyss.    A Phil Collins level of electronic percussion exists here and then it kicks into something faster and differently paced.   As it drops off into nowhere, we have seemingly reached the end.


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