Cassette Review //
Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo

£5  //
Edition of 25 // //

This one slowly begins to drone itself in.    It creates an ambient air about itself.   A little winding, a lot of minimal.    There is a somewhat hollow glass sound within this but it's just droning along and rather quiet.     This being so quiet though makes it calm, relaxing, and it's good to put on to drown out all of the other sounds around you from the busy life you know you lead.

After it kind of warbles through the start on Side B it goes right back into this glassy drone piece that perhaps should be listened to as a continuous sound via Bandcamp as well.   It gets a little bit louder, or at least it feels like it does, which makes it more intense.   A loud, sharper noise appears alongside the drone for a moment and then as it leaves the piece it seems to make it a bit wavy.


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