Music Review //
Michael M Jeni

The music of this song when it first starts makes me think of a band like Hellogoodbye.   There is a focus on the percussion here because even if some of these parts are not being played with one it certainly does sound like most of them- outside of the voice- could be.   It has definitive sound of bedroom pop, which is not just to say that it could have been recorded in a bedroom so much as that it's also rather upbeat in the nature of the melody.  

Lyrically, this song hits hard for me.  I feel like even if you're not going through this in your life right now, at some point we've all felt like we've loved someone to the point where we just did all we could to keep that person in our lives and through no fault of our own we couldn't.  It's something that if you haven't gone through likely will and it's not your fault-- you can't control how other people feel.

As I think about these lyrics, really read into them now, I wonder how many people could sing this song about me.   In some ways, I feel like that's the greater message here.  Everyone wants to have that mindset where they agree with the song, like "Yeah! I should have seen it coming!"  People- like me- tend to see themselves as the one singing the song rather than having it be about them and I think we need to start seeing things from both sides of the coin- and not just in music but in life in general.

And really if you want to get to the heart of this song as well, the lyrics: "It's over now / I'm me again // It's over now / I can breathe again" are about as spiritual as you can get, not just in setting yourself free from someone else but as a mantra to help us move forward and be a better person than we were yesterday.   


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