Cassette Review //
Destiny's Chlid
"Bed Bugs"

€5 //
Edition of 150 // //

Right away, I love the idea of Destiny's Chlid because of the way the name is spelled.   There was a time when you would go to look up popular recording group "Destiny's Child", spell it wrong because of your fingers or haste, and you'd end up with "Destiny's Chlid", which would take you to this lovely band.   But, fucking Google has ruined that a bit because now their search results would just say "Did you mean...?" and show results for Destiny's Child.   (This particularly annoys me when I'm looking for something and Google asks "Did you mean?" and I *didn't* mean what they asked if I meant)

Fast paced, hard hitting rock n roll this is somewhere between CBGB's punk and Joan Jett.  Sometimes it just breaks down into heavy chords but it's something which will never let up.   The entire cassette is a ride you can take without ever having to feel like you're stopping or slowing down.   There is some heavy fuzz as well, which makes me think of The White Stripes, but overall this just has a cross between rock n roll and punk the likes of which I've never heard before but am so happy to be hearing now.

There is some psych mixed in here as well, somewhere between Period Bomb and dare I say The Who.   Sometimes the wall of distortion created can also remind me of that first Local H album, which still holds up all these years later.    The bass lines can take control while the drums just bang away and this is just one of those cassettes you just need to hear so that you can eventually sing along with it and just rock out.

With the idea of a bed bug being an unwanted lover, this can take on sounds like Tora! Tora! Torrance and just that whole genre of rock music but also with a stoner influence.    "I don't want you back I just want you dead" is such a powerful lyric.    This entire cassette is really just one which hits hard and never lets up, both musically and lyrically.   It's one of my favorites not just of right now but of all-time and I think if you have the means to hear these songs you definitely should.


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