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Them Teeth
"Sun of Serpent, Moone of Cipher"

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We start with what sounds like a lot of ambient moving around.   There are some sharper bursts within and at times it can even feel like some haunted folk, as I think there are about to be lyrics.    A sound like an organ now waves back and forth and this has a pleasant sound to it as the percussion kicks in.     As it builds now, it grows into what sounds like a storm.   There is still this jovial vibe that makes me feel like we're on some wonderful ride at a carnival, but there are these dark strings looming over us as if we're set in the Dustbowl. 

Modems start up and we go into this dark acoustic rock with a classic feel to it.   The notes grow and begin to tell a story and then it almost begins to laugh as well.   Though this is instrumental, the instruments tell enough of a story that this does not need words.    A sharpness lingers in the background of what sounds like a classical guitar symphony.

A little bit of singing now- without words- brings in the dark strings and this has a Murder By Death feel to it in some ways.   It somewhat feels like we're going to the gallows.   This just grows into something of the rock genre, but I'm not quite sure where it lands exactly.  It has this classic rock feeling hanging over it, but it could also just as easily be along the lines of an acoustic metal.

With a glowing hue, the frequency cuts through.   An engine starts up now and it just feels like we're going to go into some kind of electro-dance but we don't.    It was just a tease.   There is a dark drone through this song and I like it because it feels so ominous, so telling of the future. 

Quieter now, the whirrs build back up the darkness.    There is a calm to this now, the aftermath of the storm.    A slight crackle and this is minimal where you have to pay very close attention to hear what is going on between the silence.

On the flip side we open with quite a bit of windstorm drama and there are some words being spoken in the background of it all as the percussion makes its way in.   Acoustic guitar strings bring in the plucks as it sound like balls are rolling around behind them- almost like rollerskating somehow.

Higher notes come in which sound like "Three Blind Mice" but then much heavier, darker notes follow which make me think we are in the presence of the king.    This is heavy and serious, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.   It feels like we're in a different time, like Robin Hood.

Sharper tones are placed in the background of an acoustic guitar melody now.    We switch songs and there is a darkness with whispering behind it.   A sharpness comes through now, like the screams of a horror movie.    More whispers and this has definitely become haunted now.   There is a rocking groove now and I'm nodding my head along even though I feel like we could be taken to the darkside at any moment.   As the words increase so does the sharpness of the feedback.


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