Cassette Review //
The Skitchers
"Gleam Another Cube"
(Poop Stick Records) //

When I was a kid (teenager?) I remember going to other kids' houses just to sit around and listen to punk rock.   I have very real memories of listening to those old Punk-O-Rama compilation CDs from Epitaph.  It's funny, I don't remember a lot of things which happened in my life- a lot of firsts or milestones- but I do remember the first time I heard punk rock.

As a kid, my dad was always a huge fan of Bob Dylan (and he still is) and I know it's not the same, but sometimes I feel like kids today are going to think of someone like Sex Pistols as being "old" or the type of music their parents might listen to and as such, as is the case in our youth, we would rebel against that and want to listen to something else.    I think this will always happen throughout time.

The point of this is that I'm glad to see someone making music still which sounds like the music that I listened to when I was fifteen or sixteen years old (maybe younger).    This style of punk rock starts right off sounding like Guttermouth but there are also these bass lines like The Offspring and complex guitar lines.  (If you listen to The Offspring prior to "Smash", they really don't get enough credit for how great they are)

Through a total of four songs and a cover, there is a sense of rebellion.   The idea of not wanting to go to school or get a job (As the lyrics state "No, not me") and then the ageless idea of "Feelings mean nothing to me / I don't feel anything", which is something you could find in similar songs by both the aforementioned Sex Pistols and The Offspring.  In all of this there is also a sense of TSOL but even with the last song, "Teenage Lifestyle", which is a cover by The Penetrators, there is just a feeling of good old fashioned punk rock.


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