Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wrestling Review //
Planet Pro Wrestling
October 2nd, 2022
Rentschler Field, East Hartford, CT

Photos from this event can be found in a Facebook album located here :::

There is a lot to be said about professional wrestling and social media, but this is one of those times that something positive came out of it.   After seeing Nakoma Tala just one week prior to this show, I saw a post from her on Instagram about this show and knew it looked like a good idea.   East Hartford is not too far and it was for a good cause, plus we'd be seeing a few of the same wrestlers we saw the week before as well as some others we hadn't seen for a bit but do enjoy seeing.

The second thing I want to say about this show (after the fact that we found out about it because of Nakoma Tala, so booking Nakoma Tala on your show = us coming to that show!) is that this poster has Marcos on it who is perhaps best known for making my wrestling experiences less than enjoyable in other promotions but knowing we'd be booing him was not enough of a reason to keep us away.  Long story short: He didn't show up!  And no one in the crowd cared or noticed.  Sorry, Marcos, you will only be remembered as an afterthought in the history of professional wrestling.

The funny thing about this show was that I knew it was at a baseball field and I thought it would be inside the stadium but it was outside of it like a block party and though I knew there would be wrestling I didn't know there would be everything else.  There were bounce houses, cosplayers for Star Wars and Disney princesses, live music, A COW!, monster trucks, food trucks, arts and crafts for the kids and just so much more.   This wasn't so much going to a wrestling show as it was going to a party that had wrestling as part of it and I really enjoyed that.  

Over the course of seven matches, Quentin and I saw wrestlers we knew and loved as well as some we saw for the first time.   Stevie Legend opened the show with a win and it's always great seeing him wrestle.   Ryan Fraust took on Yoosaf Odinson in the second match and before it started he was outside of the ring.  I told him "You can't win out here, Frausty!" to which he replied "How do you know my name?"  Forgot all the times I've seen him in <redacted> and Tough and Talented- and the fact that I saw him the week before- but I just told him: "It's on your shirt" and he said "That's fair".

I like the look and speed/power combo of Yoosaf Odinson so hopefully we see more of him down the line as well.   Jay Baker and Ken Powers teamed up to take on The Mighty Bosh (w/ Syd Morgan) and TKO, which was a match that the crowd really got behind but so did the kids.   There were people walking around with the other things going on, but especially during this match I think a lot of families seemed to come over and take interest in what was going on.  What can I say: Kids love the superhero appeal of The Mighty Bosch and TKO and I must agree with them.

There was a singles match between two wrestlers that I do not remember the names of but will likely see them again down the line and remember.   What you have to understand about this show is that off to the side of the ring there was entrance way with curtains.  It was somewhat cool out but also breezy so if you watched that entrance way you could catch a glimpse of who was behind it which would give you an idea of who was coming out for the next match.  

Right before the women's match, you could see Nakoma Tala waiting to make her entrance.   A fan behind me said to the kids near her that she could see a woman wrestler back there and she seemed genuinely excited to know that a women's match was coming up next.   Hearing that made me happy because it validated my belief that every show should have at least one women's match and they do attract casual fans.

Nakoma Tala and Big Juicy had the match of the day and though I might be a bit biased this was the most hard-hitting and exciting match on the show, not just for me but I feel like all of the fans really got into it as Big Juicy passed out juice to the kids.  Something I really liked about this match too is neither wrestler really did anything to be booed- they both played to the crowd to be cheered- and so thinking about this in the spirit of competition as well, instead of a battle of booing versus cheering, just added that extra layer to it.

There was a tag team match between two teams we'd never seen before but Southern Discomfort seems like fun.   I'd definitely enjoy seeing them in NCW against Da Hoodz.  That would be a good match.   And then the main event saw Bobby Ocean- who was managed by John Cena Sr- become the new champion defeating Bull Dredd and Foxx Vinyer.   This was the feel good moment the crowd needed to go home with and it just topped off a great show that was well worth going outside for on a Sunday afternoon on the second day of October.

Not too long after the wrestling ended, the sun came out and it was a little bit warmer.  Quentin spent time in the bounce houses, making sand art and we met a cow before all was said and done.   Aside from this being really fun it was also all done to help raise awareness and fight cancer, so knowing that this was all for a good cause and all of these people came out to support that cause just made this feel that much more special.  

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