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"Summer Is Over"

There exists this aura around summer being the fun season, the sunny season and for many they also think it is the best season.   In contrast, when I think about winter I think about leaving some place to go outside into the cold (which is not appealing to me) and in the summer time, yes, you can leave air conditioning to go into the heat but I feel like that is the better choice.  So, on many levels, to acknowledge that "Summer Is Over" is a sad statement to make, one of remorse.

Within this song you can hear the sadness as well.  KSI falls into the genre of hip hop and if you've ever listened to hip hop before you know someone like Onyx can make you feel hyped while the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "Summertime" song makes you feel joy.  "Summer Is Over" really does make me feel that sense of sadness and I can't think of too much other hip hop out there that makes me feel this way.  Even with someone like MGK, who can have depressing lyrics, they always seem upbeat to me.

The tempo of this song is also moderate, so it's not too fast but it's not too slow and that just makes it feel like chillwave as well.   It's mellow and feels like you could just lounge around and relax to it, but when you get a sense of the tone of the song it definitely feels like you're doing more than just relaxing.   Lines such as: "I need you like the sunshine / Now summer is over" just demonstrate what it is to have something and now it is gone.

What's interesting about this song with relation to the music video as well is that it seems to confirm the sense of sadness but also take it one step further.  The scene is in a backyard and it's a summer time party.  There is a pool, a grill and it's all moving in slow motion except for KSI. This makes it feel like not only is there a sadness, a loss, but also this regret of not appreciating the moment while living in it.  Cherishing each day is something we all could do a little bit more and hopefully this song helps us out.  


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