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Blitzkrieg! Pro/Limitless
Blitzkrieg! Vs. Limitless 2 - Night 1
October 7th, 2022
House of Pierogies, Enfield, CT



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It had been a while since we had been to the House of Pierogies, but I was watching this show and card somewhat closely so I knew if the right pieces fell into place I'd be working out how to go somehow.  What those pieces were exactly were not all related to the wrestling itself, but when the question was posed on Twitter what matches we wanted to see in a Blitzkrieg! Pro vs Limitless way, I answered with Travis Huckabee vs Channing Thomas and a week or so later it was announced, I then bought tickets for Quentin and I.

One of the only problems I had with this show, going into it, was the fact that it was two nights in a row and that just felt like a lot of wrestling.  I knew Quentin wouldn't be able to do both nights, so he went with me on Friday only, and once I kind of realized that I didn't mind doing it all then it became easier to go and see it as fun and not for the length of the two shows, but for the quality of the matches.

My second pick for match I most wanted to see on Night One opened the show.  Anthony Greene vs Andy Brown.  It is nearly impossible to have a bad match against AG because he is just that damn good and brings the best out in every opponent he faces.   Andy Brown is someone who has been in Blitzkrieg! Pro a few times and at the Beer Bash I really became a fan because, to put it simply, Andy Brown is a big boy who can move.  

I also enjoy the attitude of Andy Brown because he feels like a heel in the sense that it feels like he should be booed but the crowd just loves him and refuses to boo him for the most part.  It's that reluctant hero type of vibe that also just makes it so much fun to see Andy Brown wrestle because whether you like him or not, he's just so much fun to watch wrestle.

In a fun tag team match, Shook Crew defeated Waves & Curls.  While I realize that there are Trios Titles out there, if anyone ever had a similar deal for a foursome I think these two teams could hold it because they just seem to be on the same page in terms of having fun and yet wrestling serious when the time comes.   We've seen Bobby Orlando team with Waves & Curls before too, so this felt a little bit conflicted for me on who I wanted to see win, but it really came down to just wanting both teams to have fun and I think they did.

Travis Huckabee vs Channing Thomas was Match of the Night from where I sat.  Channing Thomas wrestles different styles depending upon where he is, but in this match he really had to break out all of his technical skills to match Travis Huckabee.   This was another case of the opponents bringing out the best in each other and I think people are slowly starting to see that Channing Thomas is one of the best wrestlers in the world today.   Is anyone really surprised my MOTN had Travis Huckabee in it?

MSP defending the Tag Team Titles against Locked And Loaded was a lot of fun because of how much the crowd is behind both teams.   Everyone loves both 50 Cal and Dan Barry, but there were also a lot of MSP chants.  MSP didn't seem to know if they would choose the Blitzkrieg! Pro side of things or the Limitless side, but my idea is that since Limitless doesn't have Tag Team Titles still, why not let MSP defend the Blitzkrieg! Pro Tag Team Titles that they have in Limitless?

The Circus Ninjas taking on Miracle Generation and Sammy Diaz was a lot of fun because it was chaos.  There were just people everywhere and this was the first match of the night where people really got their seats wrecked.  I think the rivalry between the two promotions really showed during this match too, as the crowd seemed to more heavily favor the team representing Blitzkrieg! Pro.  Circus Ninjas weren't booed, but not really hearing "Mane Event" chants was odd.

Alec Price vs Tracy Williams was a match that happened.   I love Alec Price and the crowd was definitely behind him during this match.  Some of the fans even told "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams that he was mild- which I thought was funny.   Look, there is a lot of wrestling out there and as such there are a lot of wrestlers so it's foolish to think that someone would like all of them.  Tracy Williams is just one of those guys that I've never been a fan of and I've never seen one of his matches that made me think others should go out of their way to watch it.

One thing I think everyone in the Blitzkrieg! Pro fanbase and the Limitless fanbase is that it's "Fuck You Mac Daniels".   I'm glad CPA won this match because it meant we were less likely to see Mac Daniels on Saturday.  The scramble was quite wild and I wonder what happened to Kirby Wackerman and how he's doing because he was supposed to wrestle back at the Beer Bash as well and didn't then either.   I hope Kirby Wackerman is okay.

The scramble featured a lot of people who could've won it and gone onto their team but Rip Byson going onto Team Limitless just felt right.   It's funny because the winners of the matches went onto a Five-On-Five elimination style match the next night and I was not paying attention at all to who was on what side.  What if Blitzkrieg swept and it was ten on no one?   Granted, we were talking about that with VSK after the show and it just seemed a little too convenient it ended up the way that it did.  Someone should question those refs!

VSK closed out the night defending the title against Dezmond Cole.   I know Dezmond Cole is one of those names that's up next and if you watch this match with him against the Bedlam Champion you will see exactly why.   He took VSK to the limit and nearly beat him, which is not something a lot of other wrestlers can say they have done.   Da Big Boofa is a real one for this and I'd love to see him back in Blitzkrieg! Pro as well.


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