Music Review //
King Falcon
"When the Party is Over"

Distorted guitar riffs and thumping drums make this song loud but also radio friendly.  It's kind of like if you had a radio rock band that might play a little bit softer for that mass appeal, but then kicked it up a few notches and yet somehow still feels like it could be a big radio hit.  It's that idea of a band such as Jet or The White Stripes combining with Maroon 5 or Imagine Dragons.  This song has an infectious hook but is definitely more rock than pop.

The lyrics behind this song are a telling part of it, but they also set the mood for not only the song but the entire music video.  Not since the glory days of MTV have I seen a music video and song tell a story so well together.   In the chorus of this song, King Falcon asks "Where do we go when the party is over?"  This is less about where the after party is or going home to sleep it off before work the next day because to me it feels more like a question of the afterlife.  A less straight forward version of where do we go when we die- what happens to us.

One of the most fascinating things in life is not death itself but what happens afterwards.   We know what can kill us, but no one has ever died and come back to life to tell us what happens for certain.   There is no scientific proof that when we die we go to some sort of afterlife or are just bones rotting in the ground.   In this way, the music video sets the tone as we meet a woman who is drinking alcohol, a different woman in a mascot type costume and a doctor who is distraught. 

At one point in the music video, the costumed woman puts her head into the trash and walks off.  This later is found by the doctor, who puts the head on.   These two characters meet in a "it's a small world" way but they both kind of realize what has happened and that connection they make just seems to help them feel better.  For me, this represents that idea of not dwelling on the future or the pain and just focusing on the now and happy thoughts because we might not know where we go after this but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy getting there.  


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