Music Review //
LL Groove Band
"Mister M"

As this artist name suggests, this song is very much into a groove.  It's almost spoken word, somewhat of horns in it and then you can just hear the bass.  The notes come through like jazz at times, but overall as the name suggests it just hits that groove.

There isn't really a lot for me to compare this with because even on the level of a traditional jazz song, I think this has this guitar solo and just some other elements which make it not quite the same.   It's almost like a radio friendly version of a jam band song, but it's long and doesn't really have a hook (which is not bad) so I don't think radio would play it.

"Mister M" does also take on more of an instrumental feeling over the words and singing.  It just seems to showcase instrument by instrument how this sound flows together.  There is a little bit of P.M. Dawn in here and a little bit of De La Soul as well.   That hip hop backing behind everything else just seems to hold it together.

Hearing this song for the first time I ever heard the artist Us3 on the radio.   There is definitely that quality which makes it feel like it's beyond another level- such as in the traditional sense of sound- but it also comes back to it and still exists there.  It has that groove, it has that rhythm and if you're into music of that nature then this one is for you.  


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