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"Heartbreak Season"

As the bass starts this song off, there is way about it which reminds me of those soulful singers from the past.  I imagine this song being performed on a giant stage with many lights hanging above, everyone dressed in the most expensive of clothes- from HAPPIE to the backup singers- and it just resonates that feeling of when musicians used to come out like Marvin Gaye and James Brown, they'd be dressed to impress.

Through the soul and whispering-like vocals we can wonder which season is the "Heartbreak Season".   We are currently in Autumn here and are quickly approaching winter.  In Autumn, leaves die and fall from the trees so is this also the time of year when relationships begin to die and thus the heartbreak?  Or is it just something in your mind and not really related to a season based on weather- like March Madness or a holiday season.

When HAPPIE sings "You never mine" it makes me think about how love can be fleeting.   It's that way that you can want to be in a relationship with someone- you can want to love them- just to say that you did or just to see what it is like but you know that eventually it's going to end.   This feels like a much more classy way to approach a subject sometimes covered in hip hop with words I'd rather not use.

Perhaps the most important part of this song is the experience and ability to look back.  No matter how old you are, if you've had past relationships, past loves, you can look back at them and just know they were going to end up in heartbreak because of who the other person was.  Sometimes it doesn't make sense until after it's all said and done and, in that way, I suppose it's a matter of waiting for the season to turn.   Like so much else in life it's about hindsight but this is a mellow song you can listen to right now.


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