Music Review //
"Save Me"

The song "Save Me" begins with these big guitars which feel like they could fill a stadium.   The singing comes out with soul but also very deliberate.   In this way it makes me think of someone such as P!nk singing with a band such as Evanescence, but there are different combinations you could put here and this song just overall has these dark undertones where it could be on the soundtrack to a movie such as "The Crow".

One of the aspects of this song which really help set the mood is the music video for it.   The majority of the music video is spent in the dark.   There is dim lighting and it is just difficult to see what is going on.   This, in a lot of ways, mirrors what it is like to live with mental health issues because you don't ever feel like you see things clearly and you're always just kind of off in the corner by yourself.

Then there comes a point in the song when Lindsey sings about her demons: "Cause I found out there's no truth in their lies" and lights a match so that the house she is in catches fire.   This might seem destructive but it also adds a lot of light to the video so it has that symbolism of coming out of the dark and seeing the light.   And once you do realize that the demons in your head are lying, life does become a bit brighter.  

Anyone who has ever had to face these demons knows that a lot of it comes from fear- fear of not being good enough, etc.  Once you can find that way to crush your fear, you can silence the demons and live your fullest life.  This could be done because someone helps you along the way, or a song such as "Save Me" might influence you as well, but as with most things I think it needs to come from yourself.   Once you figure it out, you can set fire to the prison you're in and see the light.  


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