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Blitzkrieg! Pro/Limitless
Blitzkrieg! Vs. Limitless 2 - Night 2
October 8th, 2022
House of Pierogies, Enfield, CT



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For Night Two of this two night war, Jess and I watched the Tryout Show (which was a lot of fun) at 4pm and then ate some pierogies before this show started.   Going into Friday night, there were nine matches announced and I knew them all.   Going into this show, Saturday night, I knew three things and that was fine by me.   I knew there would be the big 5-on-5 match, plus an Ace Romero Open Challenge and I had a hunch Dr Redacted would be in action as well.   Some wrestlers had told me on Friday they'd be back on Saturday but I kind of put that out of my mind and went into this show knowing very little- and that made me happy.

One thing about going to a live wrestling show versus watching it at home is you see someone come out and then see their opponent and in that moment you process that match up.  On Friday night, I'd see someone come out and know who was next because of the matches announced but not on Saturday.  I really liked that feeling of not knowing and then putting it altogether in my head on the spot.  It worked quite well for most of these matches.

The show opened with Channing Thomas who is cheered by the fans in Maine but since everyone in CT hates Maine for some reason he gets booed.  Channing Thomas is such a natural heel, but he's also just such a natural athlete that I find it very hard to boo him.   Regardless of what the rest of the crowd is doing, I'll never boo Channing Thomas.   So Channing Thomas talks about the Tryout show that happened prior and this brings out Diego El Trabajador.

One of the many things Diego El Trabajador believes in is "safety first" and this made for quite the fun match because Channing Thomas just feels super serious all the time and this was, much to the delight of the crowd, a comedy match.  Channing Thomas won to make a statement, sure, but hopefully this leads to more of Diego El Trabajador in Blitzkrieg! Pro going forward.  Limitless can book him as well, but again, I'm typing from that biased CT standpoint.

J George is perhaps one of the greatest heels of this modern generation of wrestlers not just because he can immediately get the crowds to boo him but because in his mind he believes what he is doing is right and therefore he is not the villain in his story.   Many heels will come out and insult the crowd or the other wrestler, but J George just connects in a different way and it's definitely an experience worth having in person at least once in your life.

The team of Locked And Loaded + BRG defeated J George, Aaron Rourke and Angelo Carter.  What's funny about me is I'm an old man and I'm very stuck in my ways.   As easily as I can say that I'll always cheer for Channing Thomas, I am a bit more hesitant and reluctant to cheer for BRG.  I know he is also a "face" in Limitless now, but I'm just so used to booing him everywhere I've seen him that cheering for him just feels wrong and I couldn't bring myself to do it.   So while 50 Cal or Dan Barry were in the ring, I had no problem cheering but BRG brought out those mixed emotions.  

Perhaps one of the biggest thoughts in my mind during the Tryout show were how did we qualify someone as a "tryout wrestler".  Someone such as Dante Drago has been in Blitzkrieg! Pro about as many times as Dr Cool Jay Klang, Delightful Dan The Goddamn Candy Man or ABBS, right?  So how one becomes main card and another on the Tryout show is not up for me to decide.   However, the fact that Jojo Collins has never been in Blitzkrieg! Pro before and gets to skip the Tryout show felt a bit weird to me.

Also, can someone ask Jojo Collins why he came out wearing a Noah Syndergaard New York Mets jersey?  At first I was like "Ah, a fellow Mets fan!" but then realized it was Syndergaard who not only hasn't been with the team for a few seasons but also upset a lot of the Mets fanbase after leaving.   I still like Syndergaard but just thought it was an odd choice to kind of embrace the Mets fans but then also not at the same time.   

When it was announced on Night One that MSP would defend the Tag Team Titles against Bussy, I kind of thought they'd win their title defense on Night Two.   Sure, having The Haven or CDC win the titles could've thrown the show into chaos or MSP-Bussy could've just been non-title, but I still think that The Haven are future Tag Champs.  Though, I also kind of want Bussy to win the Tag Titles because then we'd see them more.

A while back when I went to Blitzkrieg! Pro shows, they had Brad Cashew on them.   But since Cashew spends time in Limitless now I suppose there isn't enough time to be a Blitzkrieg! Pro regular still too.   But if you're looking for an opponent to bring out the best in you, Cashew can do that and that is what happened against Andy Brown.  

One of the things I love about Andy Brown is that he's not really a heel and he's not really a face, he's just doing his thing.   After the match, Andy Brown talked about how the fans have embraced him and he got chants and applause.   But then he said he wanted that Bedlam Championship, to which the crowd reminded him that CPA was next in line.   This brought out the idgaf side of Andy Brown because he wants that gold more than he wants your cheers.  (And I hope he gets his title shot)

Knowing Dr Redacted was on this show and having him come out first felt like "Okay, now who's going to die?"  When Mike Anthony's music hit it felt perfect because who else on this card could've been in this match and yet even I won't argue that Mike Anthony should've been on the Tryout show because after this match maybe he would've rather been.   This was just brutal and though it's happened before, some of the fans just still don't know what to think.

There was one point when they were outside the ring and Mike Anthony was positioned in a chair.   Dr Redacted was going back to get the running start when a fan stood in his way and wouldn't move.  Dr Redacted had to yell at him "Get the fuck out of the way old man!"  Now, I don't think Dr Redacted would have just plowed over that fan if the fan didn't move, but I wouldn't take that chance.  It comes with the price of buying the ticket and all.  

Deep down inside of me and based upon the poster I thought that the Limitless Title Open Challenge would be answered by B3CCA.   Where was B3CCA?  On the poster, but did not appear!  That was weird but I'm sure she was off doing Pop Star things.   So Ace Romero had the Open Challenge answered by Ichiban and the place went nuts.  Ichiban is one of the most over wrestlers you will ever see and being at an event where Ichiban wrestles just feels special because the whole crowd is on the same page.   Even if you don't know Ichiban: you quickly start to chant along.

As soon as Ichiban came out though, my thought was- and I said to Jess- "Ace is going to pounce him to Maine!"  That wasn't that far off.   Even though we were in CT it still felt like since this was an official Limitless show and it was live on IWTV that the title could change hands.  Ichiban had some moments of hope as well but I just don't know who can beat Ace Romero, if anyone, for that Limitless Championship.

The Elimination Match was fun mixed with a bit of chaos.  I told Jess that my strategy would be to try and eliminate the tag teams because they know the most about teaming together, in theory, and Shook Crew went out of the match first for Team B!P.   VSK and CPA had their own issues teaming during this match and that really makes me think that they will face each other on the next show.  Whether CPA wins the Bedlam Championship or VSK retains, odds are Andy Brown is putting the hurt on one of them after the match.

This felt like such an odd night because much like that one row of fans at every Blitzkrieg! Pro show, we were all cheering for Travis Huckabee.   Huckabee almost battled off nearly all of Team Limitless by himself, but the numbers finally added up and Team Limitless was able to win the war on Blitzkrieg's own turf.

I'm really excited for the next Blitzkrieg! Pro show because MSP vs Bussy is just this huge dream match I don't think any other promotion would dare to book.   Other possible matches feel too vague to predict now, but a CPA Bedlam Championship match might also be around the bend.   What will happen with the CDC, who from the Tryout show will get a shot at B!P and likely just so much more feels like it could unfold over these next few weeks as we lead up until "Mercy Me".


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