Music Review //
PrYmary Colours
"I'm Here Now"


The story of this song by PrYmary Colours comes out in both the lyrics and the video itself.  The artist states they are "English born, Jamaica is my second home, moved to Ireland" and with that comes a lot of diversity for being in a place that can treat you differently for being different.   The lyrics even say "Experienced hate, prejudice, ignorance".

"I'm Here Now" has that anthem vibe of not backing down conforming to what someone else expects you to be but rather fitting into your own mold.  Growing up, finding yourself and who you are is difficult enough.  Adding that layer of people trying to force you against your culture just seems even more cruel.

This music video follows the main character around a school and it can feel like, in many ways, what school was like for a lot of us in our youth.  It's that idea of acting out or just not being what the teachers want us to be.  It's kind of funny too because especially in high school you can read a book and still the answer they want on the test is their answer not how you interpret the writing and I've always thought that was dumb.

There is a very dance/model/vogue type of feeling to this song as it's beats, synths and speaking more than singing.   But when you think about the roots of this artist combined with the adversity they faced this feels like the sound is cultivated from that.  It makes it a truly unique and special song because such is their journey.


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