Cassette Review //
"Eyes Front"


Right away this cassette begins with this dreamy post rock sound.   The guitar notes come in with the percussion behind them and it just has that sound like Explosions in the Sky.  It's some form of -gaze perhaps, instrumental and just has this solid rhythm to it so the pacing just feels right on track.   If you listen to these songs enough though, you can notice the difference in guitar parts and even though there are no words you can begin to sing along.

There is just a drive to this sound.   It's got that put it on while you're driving and go, but it's also got that listless way about it at the same time.  It reminds me of Time Spent Driving for some reason and the guitar work is just right on.   It can feel so relaxed, so effortless, but at the same time just so complex and so urgent.   Though it can feel like it is torn in two different directions, you can place the songs at different times based on the notes and it overall just comes out as a thing of beauty.

What's interesting about this cassette as well is that the first side is three songs and then the second side is remixes of each of those songs.   These remixes bring out more of that Death Cab For Cutie sound from Sansyou.   Hearing all of the little ways that these songs change from side to side is quite fun.  While the remixes add this layer of music to the songs, if they were not already so good on their own then this simply would not work the way that it does.  

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