Music Review //
"Rain In Tokyo"

With synths and blissed out pop, "Rain In Tokyo" begins somewhat softly but kicks in nicely with that drum machine beat.   This song is somewhat fast paced and just feels upbeat, like it's a lot of fun and isn't going to make you feel sad.  It's definitely pop in that way- like The Weeknd- but it is something else as well, as it can feel like it is out of the future.

Sometimes when I close my eyes and listen to this song it can remind me of a video game as well.  It can feel like you're playing through a certain level where you're in a city and it has rain coming down as one of your obstacles to overcome.   In that sense, this reminds me of Owl City as well if only because of the end credits scene in "Wreck-It-Ralph" and how if you enjoy that then you'll definitely enjoy this song.

Lyrically this song is about what the title says.  I feel like the rain gets a bad deal because it can ruin your day outside if you want to see baseball and it can also just make you feel like staying inside under covers.   But the rain has this healing quality to it, which this song touches upon, and it helps things to not only grow stronger but grow anew.  

As the chorus says: "Cause it washes the pain" and that's a good reason to not only appreciate the rain in Tokyo but the rain everywhere.   We sometimes need that fresh start or push forward and this song just shows us that after that rainfall we can head in that right direction.   With this infectious pop sound like Hellogoodbye, this message is certain to stay with you as this song is completely favorable.  


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