Cassette Review //
Terrie Ex & Jaap Blonk
(Eh? Records / Public Eyesore Records)


This cassette begins like an alarm going off, as if to wake us up.  It drops down in tone and then other sounds can be heard coming through as well- some which sound like guitar notes.   Whirrs come whooshing through and sonic blasts take us through space and time.   Vocal sounds come through now but not quite as words.  One part definitely sounds like Donald Duck.   The vocals can tell a story and then string scratches come through with banging.  It has a bit of an R2D2 feel to it here.

Everything now drops off into distorted electronics and then those vocal patterns return.   Squeaking like mice now.  The guitar seems to tune higher and higher.   A more traditional singing sound comes in now and it feels like we're in an Italian restaurant.   Fast-speaking frustration comes out now and the music becomes frantic with it.   This shifts to a sound of either explosions or horses.  Some heavy growling now.   Once again, the guitars and vocals descend into chaos.   The sounds of saws now take us into a nice groove which slowly fades out.  It sounds now as if "grunge" is being said and there is a definite "grr" sound to it.

Right now it feels both like rain and Donald Duck as the sound then fades out.  Electronics come back in sparingly.   A horse is galloping now and someone is gagging.   Quieter strings now come through one at a time and then the sound shifts to magic glass.   Not quite words come through fast now, like an auctioneer, as the strings are slowly plucked.   The vocals and guitar sound really begin working together, as if they are morphing into the same sound.  Percussion electronics shoot in some beats now.  

On the flip side, guitars slowly start things off before it sounds as if glass bottles are breaking.  It can be rather quiet, but then get quite loud and fast.   It sounds like a swarm of insects now.   Computer electronics, somewhat like a modem, but still that guitar sound as well.   It grows a bit intense but then you can hear the speaking in the background of it all.   The guitar chords come through and the vocals reflect that.   The notes do their thing as the scratches make their way across the sound as well.

A more traditional singing sound returns now as the notes come through like Smashing Pumpkins.  It's fairly dreamy, and then it goes quiet.   Saws and other sounds once again make it louder and more chaotic.   The singing is in this almost crooner way now as the glass is being scraped.    The vocals begin to whisper but then the guitar just pierces through violently.   Growling now like a rabid dog.  Knocking on the door and those robotic sounds return once again, as the guitar chords start and stop.

Vocals come through now as if they are being barked and the music itself is getting hollow and ominous.   A loud zapping sound comes through as the guitars slide and feel like they've won at a pinball game.  Quieter now and it feels like everything is trying to go to sleep.  The singing has almost turned to screaming and the guitar notes come through louder to accommodate that sound.   These sounds are buzzing through and yet somehow mellow.  One tone blasts like an alarm on a submarine.   The vocals appear to be both speaking and laughing as the robotics return.  This all breaks down with the guitar and voice as you'd expect it to finish.  

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