Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wrestling Review //
"Smokey and the Bandido"

October 19, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
$14.99 DVD / $19.99 Blu Ray

PWG is on such a weird schedule because if you aren't watching their shows live and in person, you must wait for the physical release such as this.    So while going down this pro wrestling hole, trying to find a way to stream the newest BOLA (which I couldn't find) I instead found this Blu-Ray themed around Bandido and thought why not give it a go.   At one point in time, years ago, I used to have quite the PWG collection of DVDs courtesy of eBay, but then I fell out of love with wrestling and, yeah, now I'm back.  Here I am again.  Hopefully to stay this time.

I'm watching this event almost a year after it happened and it's crazy to think of the talent involved at the time and where they are now.   The opening contest featured Darby Allin and Trevor Lee, who will now be competing in a Wednesday Night War between AEW and NXT.   Flamita, Puma King, Rey Horus, Hechicero, Bandido and Rey Fenix all bring the great lucha action.   Zack Sabre Jr. is on here against Hechicero while there is also this big man fight between Brody King (now in ROH) and Timothy Thatcher (now in MLW)

The Rascalz (at the time PWG Tag Champs, now with Impact Wrestling) took on LAX (recently departed Impact Wrestling) in the only tag team match on the show- which is good because these were all singles matches otherwise except for the one triple threat.  During this show I had the thought of how professional wrestling is like music in the way that an artist must consider an order to the songs to complete an album the same way matches must be put into an order to complete a wrestling card. 

In the main event, Jeff Cobb defeated WALTER to become the PWG Champion and it was such a great battle of the big guys.   Jeff Cobb is currently over in ROH while WALTER is under the WWE banner in NXT/NXT UK and it's one of those matches that I didn't know existed last year so I didn't think about it, but when you say "Hey, this happened", of course I want to see it.   As the title match, yes, it does deserve that last spot as a main event, but every match on this show is really a main event. 

One of my favorite weird moments during this event was during that three way match and someone (I want to say it was Puma King) said something which it felt like we might not were intended to hear when all three guys were outside of the ring and it was "No more Irish whips".   I just found that to be so funny for some reason.  Also though, this is one of my favorite Bandido matches and if you've seen Bandido in ROH or wherever and have wondered what the big deal was or wanted to be sold on him as a wrestler, simply watch this match because the money you'll pay for this is worth one match and you get seven.

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