Monday, October 14, 2019

Cassette Review //
Cop Jokes / Law Years
"Human Drama"
(KiloHURTz Records)

$8 //

This one opens up with some distorted crackling like water electronics.   Static bursts come through and then there is a lightbulb rattle.   It gets quieter and more minimal before these static blasts come back and then it's an electric scramble.    And then it comes glitching through, like a failed transmission.   Rapid fire now. 

Dark tones come in like a video game and this feels like something from an arcade game or the NES perhaps, a game like Double Dragon but not quite.   There is also a triumph in this song.    There is a build to it, like a symphony and I'm just in love with the style of this song because it's a traditional sound played in such a non-traditional way.   Cymbals crashing full force.

Strong static crashes and bangs now.    This cassette is weird because the two artists take turns playing songs and then they play a song together, but I'm not really one to listen to music which isn't weird so I guess that should've been expected as distorted shots are fired down. 

Notes start off the flip side like a crazy video game and then there is a buzzing behind it, a swarm.   Drums come through now in rapid succession.   Someone pauses to say something and now there is a scraping.    Big beats.    Words like a news broadcast.    Heavy breathing now.

Somehow it feels like jazz flute now.   The drum is being banged.   Words are spoken and there is a humming like singing before it all turns into this pinball glitch sound.    That deep bass distortion follows.    Still, this has a soothing quality to it somehow.   Now it sounds like lions and tigers are roaring.   Back and forth between the peaceful and the chaos. 

Now it sounds like drumrolls in the rain.    It feels like we're in a full on metal storm now.   With that idea of like how they used to bend metal sheets in the radio days to create sound effects before the advent of television, this cassette comes to a most interesting end and, yes, you need to experience this one for yourself as well. 

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