Monday, October 7, 2019

Music Review //
Cairo Liberation Front
"Basha" //

At first with the claps and  swirls this has an indie vibe to it.   It reminds me of something like Foster The People, but also a little bit more rowdy than what I'm used to hearing from them.   It has a punk energy to it with distorted beats and it just moves in a way which can also feel rather electronic.   In some ways, this song could be thought of as some sort of electronic punk but I'm not quite sure what that means.

Sometimes it skips and the vocals will echo and that reminds me of UB40 or Sublime and I don't know why.   Perhaps it does have some sort of dub undertones that you really have to be a strong fan of dub to appreciate.   At the same time, the energy of it all really reminds me of an artist such as Deerhoof, which is just to say that they could be in that weird outsider rock category I love so much.

One of the biggest things a single should do is make you want to go out and listen to more songs by the artist.   This is exactly how I feel about Cairo Liberation Front and as they have music in their past, it is worth noting that they have a new EP on the way as well.    So if you haven't already done so, this is the best time for you to listen to "Eurabia, Vol. 1" in preparation for "Eurabia, Vol. 2" coming out on October 18th, 2019.

Something about the culture or the Middle East also makes me want to think of this along the same lines as Gogol Bordello.   It's not that it's what I would say is "gypsy punk", but that's where it gets confusing because I'd almost want to call it "gypsy electronics", though that makes me feel like it doesn't have any punk influence and CLF certainly does.    Most importantly though, this is just high energy so put it on and get up and dance.

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