Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Tony Njoku [ Interview # 2 one 7]

1) The first song I heard of yours was "Drifting", which I felt interested in maybe because of the title, but it had that sound where it really made me want to listen to more of your music.   Do you feel like music misses a lot of that these days?  Songs that make you want to hear more songs by the same artist?

Thanks, i’m glad it had that effect. I mean there’s so much music that’s easily forgotten these days, so much fast food type stuff, but I don’t think it’s any more or less than any era before. There’s always great stuff to find out there and i’m always finding new music that gets me wanting look up the artist and listen to more.

2) I feel like you have a very unique sound and it is one even I can't describe to people easily.  What are some terms you like to use to explain your sound to people in ten words or less?

I mean I really try to avoid answering that question genuinely, I always try and make a joke about it. Because it’s very hard for me to describe my sound without sounding like a pretentious twat haha. But I reckon I can just simple say is a my very unique version of Avant Garde Pop music.

3) "YOUR PSYCHE'S RAINBOW PANORAMA" is your second album, which I always feel is the most difficult to make.   Do you feel like there was an added pressure creating to live up to the expectations set by the first?

Not at all really. I make music mainly to explore my experiences, my feelings and wider ideas I consume from other artworks and mediums, be it visual arts, philosophy, literature etc. so i’m just constantly creating with a focus on trying to learn something new as opposed to trying to live up to anything i’ve made previously.

4) To me, it's strange that twenty years ago when CDs were sent out through the mail and all, I might not have ever heard your music before and yet now we live in an internet age where people can hear music from halfway around the world in seconds.   Still, your music has a physical release (which I enjoy)  Do you feel there is an importance for that still?

Yeah it’s awesome to me how tangible new music is but yes physical releases are still great as well. I love having my work on vinyl, it’s a great way to consume music as it slows down how you listen to it. You can’t easily skip from track to track, theres a whole ritual around preserving them and the machine you play it on and feel like the vinyl sleeve is a beautiful artwork in itself.

5) What role do you think music videos play in 2019?

We’re a more visual society right? Even before we listen to any music we see some visual content around it, artwork, song title, ig post etc. For my music, videos are just an extension to the music. I want it to help create context as visual artworks are not as abstract as musical ones.

6) What is it like being part of Silent Kid Records?

Yeah it’s great, James is a good guy, i’m very grateful for all the work they’re doing with me.

7) If you could play one show with any artist- living or dead- who would you want to play with and why?

Right now probably Nils Frahm, he’s one of my favourite live acts, i’ve seen him 9 times or more in the last few years. I like the musical ideas he chooses, his chords, the way he treats his piano sonically, I feel like that would be a great person to play with live.

8) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…. ???

I’d like to give a shout out to all the artists in situations that make it hard to put their all into their work, be it financial, health, social or whatever reasons that are hindering you….if you love what you do keep making, keep dreaming, keep going! Wish us all the best!

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