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We begin with this distorted static that just slightly waves.    At first it feels like an airplane coming through but then you can hear these deeper moans as well, which feel like some sort of monster growling.   And yes, I'd hear that whether or not this was named Ogre.    It screeches a little bit like a dinosaur but I'm also reminded of dragons, so it's got that whole giant beast with fire coming to kill you vibe happening with a little bit of Transformers.

There's some great distortion just blasting through here.    I know there is this whole movie and concept series where the Transformers are dinosaurs (Dinobots) and this just really makes me think of that for some reason, as it would either be the music that they listen to themselves or the music that they create.

On the flip side we start with a sharper grinding sound.  It feels like a machine, like a drill or jackhammer you would find at a construction site.    If you told me that this was a field recording and asked me where it might be from my best guess would be something in the middle of the road, some crew trying to fix a pothole or whatever.    It's just this sound of constant drilling.

Even though it does feel like we're going in this circle, like a crank, there is also just this overall feeling of drone on this one.   It gets a little bit sharper now and can become harsh noise throughout the entire time.    It even gets a little bit higher in that metal detector way, but overall it just maintains that quality of something I'd listen to through headphones to keep people from bothering me. 


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