Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cassette Review //
Isaac Challis Eaton
"85 Degree Nite"

$10 //
Edition of 100 // //

This one begins with some blissed out tones which have this smooth groove to them.  It feels somewhat like a video game, but it feels like the coolest video game in the room.   As that song seems to quickly end we go into a song fueled by percussion (a lot of cymbals) and then these organ keys come through which make it just feel so chill.   Those video game tones still drop in though, which makes me feel like this is a soundtrack as such overall still.

We head into this guitar riff now, which with the drumming makes me feel like we're somewhere between an island band and The Cure.   It is strange for me to think of it like that, but yes, it's some combination of the Beach Boys and The Cure, which it doesn't feel like it should go together but can I say... goths at the beach?

Distorted tones come through now and I'm back to that video game vibe like an old SNES game.   Pleasant tones go through in succession now and this just feels like an adventure I want to take-- if this is a video game soundtrack sign me up because I want to play. 

The guitar comes through now just so smooth.  It feels slightly tropical but those feelings I had before of it being post punk or such have faded and this has just taken on this life of its own.    These guitar notes just sing and then they drop off, like they just fell off the cliff to end that song.

A voice says "Thursday through Monday while supplies last" and we're into the next song which has drop tones alternating with steady drumming heard behind it, but mostly it just feels like sticks banging.     This definitely feels like the soundtrack to some video game of my youth, and while the cover art is of a handheld game, I think of it more as something from those SNES days because it's just more evolved than that 8bit sound.

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