Monday, October 7, 2019

Cassette Review //
"Heavenly Host"
(Flower Room) //

We begin with a slow drone that seems to be building, like the way you'd blow that horn to summon a village in a time of need.   A light, acoustic drumming comes in with some rattling now and this has changed so quickly yet so easily from a droning hum into something which will make you get up and dance.   As it kicks in now I feel like we're into this magical ride which somewhat reminds me of The Who.

The pace picks up now and so does the magic somehow.    It's gone from being at this steady driving speed to urgent.    Vocals comes in now but they just seems to be singing the numbers seven and eight, unless I'm just hearing what my mind wants me to hear.    Notes blister through now as the percussion still feels acoustic.  Words are spoken and this one is becoming somewhat trippy, which is nice.   I really feel like those bongos are just being pounded as well.

Magic tones bring in some percussion and bass lines which makes me feel like we're in a fantasy soundtrack, something not quite like LOTR but along those same lines.    I'm thinking about "Willow" because I've had that movie on my mind a lot lately (if not for so much else to watch, I might watch the Blu Ray tonight) but I also am thinking of something like a video game with that magical feel.

On the flip side we open with these distorted tones and then those delicate string plucks join them.    There is a slight sense of a buzzing in here and it just feels like these tones are really resonating now to where this just becomes hypnotic.    The percussion slowly creeps in now.    It builds and then dies down and just feels like we've been off to fight a mighty battle and perhaps we didn't all come back, but we survived it and that is good enough of a win for me.

And then it picks up.   It feels brighter now, like a new life has been born.    Vocals are in the background with this bass and it might be words they are singing but it just feels more of a trance chanting.    This still just has that feeling of being on a magical quest but also feeling like a video game at the same time.    It's a situation where I feel like you should listen to this while not doing anything else because it can create such a scene in your imagination.

This goes into a song which has these tones which make me think of a harmonica and this is just being carried away, as it feels like it could go into a strong rock song but just stays right on the border of it.    That drumming makes me feel this rhythm, like we're going around the desert on a nameless horse, but it's just pushing that boundary where we're almost into classic rock but not quite.   

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