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Comic Book Review // Everything Else... September 2019

Incredible Crash Dummies # 3

This came from Savers during a time when they had most everything 50% off and so whatever they normally charge for magazines (It used to be sixty-nine cents at one point) it was half, so definitely less than a dollar.   I did some research on this series online and it seems as if there might have only been three issues.  I can find more about the first issue than the second and third as well.    I remember when they made toys after the actual crash test dummies because they had those gimmicks where they'd break and if you used them too much they'd have trouble going back together.   Still, I'm surprised they never brought them back to demonstrate the effects of texting and driving or something modern.   This is a fun little issue to randomly find though and it perfectly fits in with my weird comic book collection.

Spider-Man Far From Home

I actually spent $3 at Dollar General on a box of Frosted Flakes in order to get this comic book.  I literally picked it up off an endcap thinking it would be something that I could buy, but then when I saw I had to buy cereal to get it for free I thought why not.    This is a short story- the entire comic book is only eight pages- but it mentions Kellogs on the front cover and inside, in one scene, Spider-Man is outside of a Dollar General so you have to appreciate that crazy tie-in.   Funny how if I didn't find this at the Dollar General, I likely would've never found it at all.

Blade Runner: 2019 # 1 (Michael Green, Mike Johnson / Andres Guinaldo / Titan Books)

I read this on the Hoopla app because it saves paper and is like the same thing as getting it from the library except it's on my phone.   The story revolves around a group of people who go after Replicants which are called... wait for it... Blade Runners.   Yes, you may have seen the original movie or the more recent movie, but like most things I always did feel like this would be a good story to tell over a series of time in comic book form rather than in a window of a few hours such as a movie.

The main character in this is a Blade Runner called Ash who is the best at what she does.   She has her own problems and is sent to find out what happened to someone's wife and child, which is not a normal case for her to take but as a little bit of it is revealed in this first issue I don't think it would be a typical case for anybody.   I already have the second issue of this ready to go on the Hoopla app and if it comes down to it, I'm prepared to buy the paper copies to keep reading if it turns out getting as good as it possibly could because right now this has the potential to be better than the films.

Vampirella # 1 (July 1969 facsimile) (Dynamite)

This is like something you would find in 1969- and I believe it is the very same idea just recreated, the way someone like Topps makes baseball cards in 2019 that look like they were made in the past- and it is in black and white!  I wasn't even born in 1969, but I really do love the idea of comic books being like this.   Why can't we clip out coupons and mail them in for secret decoder rings?  Sure, technology has changed things, but comic books are still the printed word.   They're one of the last sources of the printed word as well.  Newspapers can die off, but I don't think comic books will ever go fully digital.  Why not embrace the weird qualities that used to be and borrow from the past, as this comic book here does, rather than focus on a future we might not want?   Just a thought.

Vampirella Red Sonja # 1 by Jordie Bellaire (Dynamite)

It's not haha funny but it is somehow funny to me that if something has the name Vampirella on it, I'm going to get into it (hence buy it) but the same isn't true of everyone and that includes Red Sonja.   I'm not sure why I'm willing to read Red Sonja in two different crossover series with Vampirella and not read a Red Sonja solo book, but whatever.    Vampirella goes to Russia in 1969 looking for some people who disappeared, hoping to find a yeti or who knows what and at the end of the first issue she finds Red Sonja instead.   As the end of the first issue says the team up begins in the next issue, which is why it's rough because most first issues are just teases, but this still makes me want to read it so much more.

Disney Ducktales "Silence and Science" (IDW)

I have an old school Ducktales t-shirt and one day at Stop and Shop some guy randomly remarked to me "Hey! Cool! Ducktales! ... I don't like the new version though".   I actually rather enjoy the new animated series of Ducktales and think it's one of the few times that reboots get it right.  ("She-Ra" is doing pretty well over there on Netflix as well)  But I don't have the time to explain that to randos when I'm shopping for Hot Pockets.   So this is a funny story about Donald wanting sleep but it wasn't quiet.  He finds this old artifact which makes everything go quiet and then Scrooge and the boys (and girl!) find out that it's broken so it's not going to be so easy to undo.   This said on the new comic list website it's a three issue series but I really hope that they do more.   I also read all of these characters in their voices from the new animated series.

Blade Runner: 2019 # 2 (Michael Green, Mike Johnson / Andres Guinaldo / Titan Books)

While Ash is seemingly getting closer to answers, the woman and child she seeks are on an adventure with people named after body parts and it's just... it's kind of weird, but it's sci-fi in some ways and I think the weirdness of it makes less like the traditional sci-fi and that's why I can get behind it.   I've seen the original Blade Runner movie and I think I tried watching the newer one but couldn't get into it (That's the one with that brief Batista cameo, right?) but this is the most fun I've had with the series ever.   So they definitely should keep this going if only to help me figure out what's going on- not in the way that this issue is confusing but in the way that this is a mystery above all else and my curious mind wants answers. 

Spider-Man Annual (2019) # 1 featuring Spider-Ham (Jason Latour / Phil Lord / David Lafuente) (Marvel)


This confuses me when I search for it anywhere because it's a Spider-Ham comic book (complete with Spider-Guin!) but yet it often comes up under Spider-Man.   This is a good introduction of sorts to the Peter Porker character as it shows that he was in fact a spider bit by a radioactive pig *and* when things get bad (his Spidey-sense tingling) he becomes more comical like an old cartoon, if you will.    Following the success of "Into The Spiderverse" I would hope that if anyone gets a campy type of solo movie with crossovers (Howard the Duck) but even if it's something that grows straight to DVD I'm on board for everything based around Spider-Ham.   Always and forever.  

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