Monday, October 7, 2019

Music Review //
haha charade
"Goodbye Juliet" //

Right away I hear these guitars and seeing the shirts this band is wearing it makes me think of that Flock of Seagulls idea, where I can hear some sort of new wave type of vibe behind this.   On the surface it could be a pop rock, at times even reminding me of TMBG, but it has that distinct 1990's vibe behind it from when we were leaving the 1980's behind but still along those same lines.

The chorus (which sings the title) is interesting to me, as it goes:

"Goodbye Juliet
I never really liked you
I liked your silhouette"

Isn't it funny how we see people at times as a silhouette- as what we want to see them as- but then they come into focus and become who they really are in our eyes and that makes our opinion of them change?  It's something to be said about seeing someone for who they really are, basically.

It seems like, on the surface, this is a break up song because you can tell from the title.   But as the words go along it seems less like the singer is heartbroken over it and more like something which was seen as coming.   I'm not sure if everyone has been in this situation before or not, but I feel like I have been where you just kind of take a chance on getting to know someone even though you predict it will go down in flames and then it eventually does.

From the house party to the beach, "Goodbye Juliet" has one of the most fun and upbeat sounds for a breakup song I've ever heard that wasn't a complete slap to the face.   Through the process of going through a breakup- saying goodbye- there can be sadness and there can be anger, but at the end of it you kind of get that feeling of acceptance and moving on.   That's what this song best conveys and ultimately everyone will be able to listen to it and relate with it.

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